Abolish Medicare


It appears that it’s now safe to say “End Medicare Now” in public. Andrew McCarthy has thrown down the gauntlet in End Medicare in the National Review Online. John Hinderaker at Power Line Blog adds his two cents and applauds McCarthy in Telling the Truth About Medicare.

For those of you who don’t understand why I beat up on Medicare and Social Security so much, and why I do it in the name of the good of the very people who receive checks from those programs, you must first understand a few facts that the people who support the programs wish weren’t true.

  1. There is no way we can ever hope to keep our commitments to these programs. In other words, the promises are already broken, and at some future date, the programs will be canceled with or without a vote by congress. There is not enough money in the world to pay for these programs, unless the economy grew at an astounding rate that is unrealistic.
  2. These programs actually cause people to make bad decisions about their health and retirement. Rather than helping people understand that there is scarcity in medical care, and they had better do their best to limit their consumption of these resources and use whatever they do use sparingly, trying to get the biggest bang for the buck, Medicare encourages people to waste other people’s money. Social Security, on the other hand, has convinced countless hundreds of millions of people that saving money for retirement is stupid, even though if you saved money for retirement at the rate Social Security stole it from you, you would be a millionaire.
  3. These programs are frauds, Ponzi schemes that make me think the word “Ponzi scheme” should be renamed “Medicare and Social Security-style programs”. Even Madoff couldn’t dream of the fraud these programs perpetuated. I don’t think anyone even thought it was possible to bilk hundreds of millions of people out of untold trillions in cash. Regardless, all the bankers, if we are to believe popular opinion, had better set new goals because they are going to require millions of years to extort what our government has already extorted from us.
  4. These programs suck cash out of our economy at an alarming scale, which is one of the reasons why we can’t afford them. Imagine a business owner who can’t expand his factory even though demand is high because he has maxed out his credit card and no bank is willing to loan him money. That’s all of America’s businesses, except the reason why there is no money to loan is because these two programs suck up all the available capital and credit.
  5. These programs do worse at serving our elderly than nothing at all. I know for a fact that you would get better support from friends, families, and neighbors if you asked for mercy rather than participated in these programs. You are better off going to the hospital and asking for a discount or a loan because you cannot pay than going under the protection of Medicare.

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