Democrat Thinks Republicans Want Jim Crow Laws


The leader of the Democratic Party is claiming the republicans want to bring back Jim Crow laws.

Since a lot of people probably believe that, let me help people understand.

First, a history lesson. It was the Republican Party that fought the Civil War to free the slaves. Our blood was shed by democrats so black slaves could live free.

It was the Republican Party that amended the constitution so that reconstruction could begin.

It was the Republican Party that won majority after majority, despite all the claims of corruption, because they “waved the bloody shirt” and continued to hammer racist democrat politicians with the full force of federal fury.

It was the Republican Party who helped black people get elected in former confederate states.

It was the Republican Party who resisted efforts to put racists supreme court justices in power, and institute racist policies such as segregation under democratic leadership in the early 20th Century.

The only thing in the entire history of race relations that the democrats could claim any honor in is the Civil Rights Act, which they won narrowly because the Republicans voted overwhelmingly for it.

If there was any party who wanted Jim Crow laws, it would be the Democratic Party. That is, after all, the political persuasion of the judges and legislatures that imposed those laws.

Sometime in the late 50’s, the democratic party realized that there was a much easier way to enslave the black people—federal entitlement programs. By destroying the free economy with high taxes and burdensome regulations, and then by diverting those taxes to entangle the black poor in welfare programs, and finally, by rewarding those who broke up their families, the Democratic Party has done more damage to the black race in America than their slave holding political ancestors could’ve dreamed of.

Republicans fight against entitlement programs that deprive people of their rights, programs such as welfare.

Republicans fight to keep tax rates low, so that black people can start their own businesses, make a profit, and then keep that profit so that they can reinvest it in themselves and their community.

Republicans fight to protect traditional marriage, the only institution in our society which is proven, time and again, to lift people out of poverty, while other family arrangements do nothing of the sort.

It is Republicans who have stood behind the races of men that the Democrats have despised since the beginning, Republicans who champion limited government and individual liberty, and who ultimately want to see all people equal because all people will be free to do what they like.

I don’t know any republican who would want Jim Crow laws. I do know of republicans who believe certain matters are better left to the states, barring a constitutional amendment, but this is not support of Jim Crow laws.


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