2012 is Going to be a GREAT Year for Republicans


Before we begin, there are 3 different polling samples, and only one matters. First is “all Americans”, second is “registered voters”, and finally is “likely voters”. Guess who counts in American politics? Hint: if you don’t vote, you don’t get to say how our government is run.

Two polls: #1, Romney Beats Obama among registered voters (Pawlenty is 1 point better than Palin); #2 Republicans are more popular than Democrats by 6% among likely voters.

This is really, really big news. After the massive success of the Tea Party and Republican leadership in 2010, you’d expect quite a few eekers would lose their seats. It’s look like that will not be the case. In fact, with so many democratic senators facing election, it’s a possibility whoever is president in 2013 will have a Republican house and senate.

It’s also apparent that Mitt Romney is the front runner, and not just among republicans, but for the president in November. People know Obama, they know Romney, and they choose Romney.

Romney is going to run a different kind of campaign, where he relentlessly attacks his opponent’s records, broadcasts his bold vision for America (the same vision our Founding Fathers had), and takes away the election in a sweep. He doesn’t have a record that Obama can legitimately attack him on, because if the Massachusetts health care bill isn’t compassionate, then ObamaCare is pure evil.

I don’t know what Obama will do but run against a generic republican. This means Romney is going to be asked to clarify his positions by the voters, and he’ll get a chance to set the tone. Romney is establishment enough that he’ll bring coattails for republicans across the country, but distant enough that he gets to distinguish himself from Bush.


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