More on Mitt


Over on America Need Mitt, the author is wondering why all the hubbub from the Old Media’s take on Mitt Romney.

I am wondering the same thing.

Folks, we know which corner the Old Media is in. Their worst enemy is our best friend. If you want to know who you should support, take a look at which potential candidates they dump on the most. That’s why Sarah Palin is a major possibility—they hate her so much it makes their eyes bleed. Running behind Palin are people like Dick Cheney and Mitt Romney.

When you read something, or hear an echo, from the Old Media, alarm bells should go off in your head. Remember that they are in the corner of big government and the oppressed citizenry. Remember that they will lie and cheat to get the results they want. Do you remember the manufactured report on Bush’s service in the military, that turned out to be a total fraud? The Old Media’s representation of Romney’s record is equally as manufactured.

Did Romney ever support cap and trade? Yes, but with the critical clause that there will be no harm done to the economy and no increased costs. The very second he discovered that the cap and trade policy would have an economic impact is the second he pulled Massachusetts out of the agreement.

Did Romney ever support a health care program that funds abortions? No.

There are items from Romney’s record that don’t agree 100% with conservative orthodoxy of 2011. As Reagan enunciated, if you agree with a man 80% of the time, then you are his political ally and you should go to bat for him at the cost of your political opponents. Does Romney agree with conservative orthodoxy 80%? Probably closer to 95%.

The search for the ideal Tea Party candidate continues, but it’s apparent who the fiscal conservative really is. It’s obvious who will be able to go into Washington DC and negotiate with Republicans and Democrats alike and achieve the Tea Party goals of cutting taxes and spending. It’s the guy that negotiated with the overwhelming democratic legislature in Massachusetts, even though they could easily override his veto, and got a balanced budget with a surplus. Quick: Name any other republican candidate that has ever done that!

I hold no ill will towards the other candidates, serious or not. If people want to throw their hat in the ring, I welcome it. But let’s not become a sounding board for the Old Media. Let’s set our own tone and pace, and let’s make sure that we keep our focus on winning and cutting the budget—a position that even democrats support!


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