Infinity, Photons and God


Infinity is a curious number. In fact, it’s not really a number at all.

I looked up, on a whim, the largest number and I found Graham’s Number. This number is an absurdly large number that makes googol look like a very small number that barely registers.

I once did a thought experiment. What would the universe look like from the perspective of a photon, a particle of light? According to special relativity, as speeds approach the speed of light, distances of other objects shrink, and their clocks slow down.

At the speed of light, you reach a singularity where there is no time or distance. All other objects not traveling at the speed of light are condensed into a single point, and exist that way for all eternity without the slightest change.

The photon can see the entire universe from this vantage point. It knows where it is created and destroyed—that one black perfectly small pin point that is the entire universe. It doesn’t matter what you say or do, the photon has already seen it, or is looking at it right now, or will look at it, all at the same time.

This is the universe the photon lives in.

To conceptualize infinity, you must first understand that, like trying to reach the speed of light, you cannot get there through any “normal” process. The energy requirements are infinite. If you weren’t born at the speed of light, you will never, ever get there.

To understand this, consider what happens as you zoom out on the number scale. Let’s say the unit of 1 is just 1 foot. In between are all the numbers smaller than one but larger than 0, an infinite number of them.

As you zoom out, 1 moves toward 0 as other numbers take its place. A 2x, 2 is at 1 and 1 is where 1/2 used to be. At 10x, 10 is at 1 and 1 is at 1/10. At 1,000x , 1,000 is at 1 and 1 is where 1/1,000 used to be. At a googol times, googol is at 1 and 1 is at 1/googol, which is practically 0. After zooming out at Graham’s number, all numbers that we can imagine are all practically 0, except for Graham’s number, which is at 1.

No matter how quickly you zoom out, there will always be some number at 1, with all smaller numbers tending to approach 0. You can zoom out at faster rates, or zoom out at faster rates of faster rates, and so on and so forth, and this will always be true.

However, if you were to zoom out by infinity, then a curious thing happens. All numbers, no matter how small or large, become united with 0 at 0. The difference between 0 and the number in question is 0, or the number in question, since they are both 0.

All numbers, everywhere, are condensed down to this single point.

Isn’t this how God views us? What are we to him? Nothing. No matter how many nothings we put together, we are still nothing. Our entire existence, the existence of the entire universe, is all summarized by the number 0.

If God wants to move something from point a to b, he does nothing to do so. To him, a and b are the same points—0. If God wants to impose some rule on our universe, it’s nothing to him, since the only rule is that we are nothing, along with our universe.

Like the photon, the lowliest particle, God’s unique vantage point gives him characteristics we cannot comprehend, or can only comprehend by making everything else nothing in comparison.

This is the infinite God, a God who truly has no limits. Imagine anything less, and you’re not thinking infinitely.


3 Responses to “Infinity, Photons and God”

  1. J.T. Smith Says:

    Why would God be like a proton? Isn’t God infinitely powerful instead of infinitely small?

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      A photon is not infinitely small. It really has no size, from its perspective. Or rather, it exists everywhere along its path all at the same time, and we’re just viewing a cross-section of its entirety.

      In quantum mechanics, the size of a photon is defined by its wavelength, but this is not the size of the photon from its perspective.

  2. Noel Says:

    Very good article.

    I believe that we can’t comprehend God’s existence because God exists as a different form of matter or the like that transcends what we as “normal” matter can perceive.

    We are like second dimensional objects trying to comprehend a sphere. We won’t understand until our soul, or in other words, our sentient energies leave this machine we call a body.

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