Woe is US


Oftentimes, certain evangelical preachers give a sermon pointing out all the flaws in our country, both as individuals and as groups of people that make up a nation.

I feel inspired to do the same, calling on reasonable morality to point out how corrupt we have become.

We have the power within our political system to fix these things. They will not be easy, and it will mean sacrifice from those who will benefit the least. But like a man who stoops to pick up litter as he walks by, we can have a better country if we are willing to sacrifice a little personal time and money for the greatest good.

Our most important moral issue is in our own hearts. Have we set our hearts on the perfect, or have we satisfied ourselves with “good enough”? Do we strive to be the best people we can be? Do we hold ourselves to impossibly high standards, and make our best effort to reach them? Or do we lower the bar, and then, stepping over it, pat ourselves on the back? I am talking about the moral responsibility we have as independent, free individuals. If we do not hold ourselves to the highest moral standards, then nothing I say after this will matter.

Discovering our weaknesses, we can hide them, or we can eliminate them. Obviously, it is better to remove our character flaws than to hide them, but it is the worst thing of all to pretend they are no flaws at all.

Yes, we are animals, but nature. But our superior minds and moral compass make us so much more than animals. The closest thing to mankind is God, or for the atheist, our concept of what God should be. We share more in common with God than any other thing in existence. To set our sights on anything lower is to admit the ultimate defeat.

After ourselves, our second moral responsibility is our family. Do we help our family, sacrificing ourselves for the good of the next generation? If not, then our priorities are all wrong. If life is the most important thing, then procreation and preparing that new life for a better future than our own is the greatest good. In order to do so, we need to build families based on love, patience, kindness, devotion, and work. We need to devote ourselves to our spouses, and then together act as parents to our children.

To a lesser degree, we need to reach out, to a lesser degree, but an important one nonetheless, to our extended families, particularly our aging elders, but our brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, and more. If we cannot rely on our family, then what can we rely on at all? If we cannot be relied upon, then what are we?

Only after we have fixed our personal lives and family lives can we turn to our community. Within our community, our churches should be the focus of our charitable activities. Churches should organize all the relief efforts of all mankind in the community. Churches should be first to serve the poor, first to welcome the stranger, first to heal the broken hearts. Churches should be the moral center of the community, stalwart protectors of what is right and denouncers of what is wrong. At the same time, they must welcome all, from all walks of life, into the bonds of love and friendship that create our communities in the first place.

Our businesses should be places of work. Here, we should pour in our time and talents and capital, tempered only by our moral compass. The goal of business is to create wealth, which means making profits. These profits are fed back into the businesses to make even more profits. If our businesses are profiting, our fields will be full of food and our families will be well-fed. Only through profits can we create a better life for the future.

In government, the basic premise is simply this. Governments do that which only governments can do, and then only to protect or expand our rights and privileges. Governments cannot provide “things”, then can only provide the absence of interference. It is governments that ensure that the criminal elements within ourselves and our communities do not find it advantageous. It is through government that we unite to protect our own freedoms with just laws and just protection of our liberties.

Governments should not impose high taxes. What a drain this is! Except in wartime with a superior enemy, we shouldn’t be borrowing money or imposing high taxes. If government requires a lot of money to operate, then it most likely isn’t protecting our rights, but infringing upon them. That is our situation today. Who can lift a finger without asking for government’s permission first? This isn’t freedom, this is slavery. I feel like a fugitive trying to start a small business, not because I have criminal intent, but because it is impossible for me to know all the regulations that government has invented, and thus impossible to comply with even a small fraction of them. What a waste of our money—a government that tramples on our rights!

Some examples of government policies that are completely and totally immoral include:

  • Deficit spending and debt. Why are we borrowing from future generations to provide for ourselves? We have enslaved our children and grandchildren, and they cannot oppose this.
  • Transferring wealth from the workers to the elderly through Social Security and Medicare and entitlement programs. While we love our seniors, we are not their slaves.
  • Transferring to the poor and needy through welfare programs. While we love the poor and want to help, we are not their slaves either.
  • Mountains of regulations affecting every aspect of our lives: Government is not our master, it is our servant. Laws should only affect the criminally minded, not those who are simply trying to create wealth or help their neighbors and raise their families.
  • Illegal immigration not only tolerated by impossible to stop. When states write laws that allow police to determine whether a criminal is illegals in the US or not, the courts issue injunctions and stays. When President Obama waves his hand and grants amnesty above the objections of Congress, the courts applaud.
  • Injustice in the courts. When judges seek to impose their political ideology on the law as it is written, we no longer have justice, but tyranny. What is the difference between a king who does what he wishes and a judge who invents his own rulings?
  • Political corruption. When politicians seek to use their political power for personal gain, we have corruption. In order to eliminate corruption, we must drain the swamp, eliminating the connection between wealth and political power. If the federal government only spent a few millions each year, would there be an army of lobbyists petitioning for their cut of that money?
  • Money controlled by the Fed, not the people. The US Dollar is the people’s money, and should be controlled by the People’s house, which is what the constitution provides.
  • Regulation and courts in the administration. Putting regulatory power, executive power, and judicial power in the hands of one man or one group of men is too much for anyone person or group of people to handle. We might as well make these people lords and dukes and barons, and allow them to own slaves and raise armies, because that is what they are doing.
  • Foreign Policy that hurts our friends and helps our enemies. Why are we fighting a war in Libya, when the Libyan government has been cooperative, and yet we let Iran, a belligerent country, build nuclear weapons without even a word? This pattern is repeated again and again. At the very least, we should love our friends and hate our enemies, not the other way around. Of course, the American way is to encourage our enemies to be friendly with us, which I think is an even better law to live by. But we cannot, I repeat, cannot harm our friends and expect to have many friends.
  • Homosexual marriage. If marriage is so important, why can it be redefined? If marriage is so meaningless, why do we want to give it to homosexual couples? We should keep marriage the way it is, use it as a tool to build families with a loving father and mother who raise their children in love.
  • Abortion. We have murdered far more babies than Nazi Germany has Jews. There are millions and millions of people today who are not alive because of our Holocaust. We must end abortion, except in the moral dilemma where the life of the mother is at stake, rape or incest, where we are balancing lives, not convenience. We must live by the highest moral code, reserving sexual relations only for married couples, so that no child is brought into this world outside of marriage. In cases where out-of-wedlock pregnancies do occur, we must have only reasonable and simple laws that govern how those babies may be adopted to couples who wish to bring them into their families.
  • North Korea. We have lived for almost 2 generations with North Korea treating their own people worse than animals. Now that their people are starving once again, and we have plenty of surplus that can relieve all their starving, it is time we eliminated the roadblock between food and the North Korean people. I cannot live like this, knowing that we have the power to save so many people who are worse than prisoners in their own country. I don’t expect much resistance from an army who is half-starved and no longer loyal to the regime. All we have to do is stand up and move in our armies with food for the people and troops in that country, and we can overthrow that regime without firing a shot.

There are many more national issues where our government has put us on the wrong side of morality. I can only mention the few that I have.

The root problem is simply this: Our governments do too much. If they were a tiny fraction of the size they are today, we wouldn’t have a fraction of the problems we do today.

I am counting on you to rededicate yourselves to morality, and to live the moral way, rather than any other.


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