On the Budget: Default


Speaker of the House Boehner has moved heaven and earth to get a compromise bill, one that the president promises to veto and the house republicans refuse to agree to.

The issue before us is, shall we extend the debt limit? The answer is,  “No.” They have already had that vote in the house, and it failed.

Now the question is, what must the government do to get an increase in the debt limit? I believe the answer is and always should be, “Never.” We must start cutting, right now, and continue cutting until we can lower the debt limit all the way to 0. There is no reason why our country should be in debt, none whatsoever. As the wealthiest nation to ever grace the pages of history, we should, instead, have vast fortunes at our disposal, ready to spend should there be any who dare threaten our security.

Baseline budgeting says that government should increase spending every year. This is absurd. You can only increase expenses as you receive more income, and you should instead be looking at ways to cut expenses.

If the democrats in the senate and President Obama believe that the American people have an inexhaustible supply of money and wealth they can exploit, then it’s time to default. It’s time to show the democrats the absurdity of their ways. Let the country go bankrupt. Let all the programs they have built on the backs of the American people evaporate. Let us start over from scratch, financially.

As the wealthiest country on the planet, our burden will go away with a default, our burden being the idea that the American people have an inexhaustible supply of money.


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