Threats, Debt, and Financial Terrorism


The left is all ablaze with their thundering defeat over the debt ceiling increase. The following economic downturn has sent shivers down their spine. In reaction, they are lashing out against their political opponents, calling them “terrorists”.

Let’s step back and understand the scene here.

First, the role of government is to protect the rights of the individual. From our earliest founding documents until this day that has not changed. Whether the leftist agrees with this concept or not is immaterial. Our country is founded on the ideals that all men are created equal, meaning that they already have equal rights once they come into this world. That implies that government should be instituted to protect their already existing rights, including (but not limited to) their rights to life, liberty, and property.

Second, the federal government was created for a specific purpose within specific limitations. That purpose is to secure our national liberty by providing for a means of war fighting, foreign diplomacy, and unity among the several separate states through free trade. These principles were enshrined in the Constitution of the United States.

It’s important to revisit these topics it is the leftist who would rather we forget all about them, or who would pervert them into something they are not.

Third, it wasn’t until FDR that the federal government began a new phase, extra-constitutionally, a phase which is marked by government largess. The people in power use government to distribute favors to their political supporters, rather than protecting the rights of all equally. The government began to exert its authority to reward the losers and punish the winners. While the federal government had toyed with this in the past, never before had it been done in such a large and unlimited scale.

What fueled the changes beginning with FDR was a combination of Marxist philosophy (the poor are powerless and need to rise up by tearing down the rich), combined with economic inanity found in Keynesian philosophy (government debt creates wealth, not individual action), and old-fashioned tyranny. The Democratic Party since that time, and to some degree, the Republican Party as well, has more or less expanded on these ideas. We see it in Medicare and Social Security. We see it in the TSA, the FDA, and government regulation of health care.

Fourth, that the experiment beginning with FDR has been a failure. Politicians are incapable of managing any resources, let alone the retirement program for the entire nation. When given a choice, politicians will choose to spend, borrow, and tax. When given a choice, politicians will favor special interests at the cost of national interests.

The Tea Party, started by Rick Santelli, is really a continuation of the same anti-government disgust that lead to the American revolution in 1776. It is the sentiment that government does not know best, and that the people are better served with limited, small government than an unlimited tyranny.

Let’s compare philosophies, for a moment, to uncover who the real “terrorists” are.

The Tea Party says that people should be free to make their own choices, and should not be enslaved to the special interests of others through government forces such as taxation and excessive spending. The left says that the rich don’t deserve their money and that the poor are incapable of fending for themselves in this world, and so strict regulations and punishments need to be meted out in order to make the world fair. Who advocates force and fear? The left. That is terrorism.

The Tea Party says that it is wrong to enslave future generations in debt, and that we need to make spending cuts today and no longer tolerate an expansion of the debt limit. The Left says that we have plenty of money and that it’s only because the rich aren’t willing to pay their fair share that we have debt in the first place. Who is bankrupting our future—the people who point out the obvious or the people who live in a lie?

The bottom line is that the Tea Party wants less government. When Rep. Cantor makes public his intention to actually cut the size of government, not in baseline spending, but actually spending fewer dollars in the future than we spend today, he is aligning himself with the same ideas that created this nation in the first place: that people are free, and that governments can only protect those freedoms, and that governments must be so limited.


2 Responses to “Threats, Debt, and Financial Terrorism”

  1. tensor Says:

    The following economic downturn has sent shivers down their spine.

    Yes, because the economic downturn, directly and abviously caused by following the teabaggers’ “ideology”, hurt innocent persons. That will indeed send shivers down the spines of decent persons; that’s how a healthy human psyche works. Only a demented ideologue adheres to his ideology as it hurts people. That’s why the great ideologies of the Twentieth Century all died, despite having far more true believers than there ever will be teabaggers.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      So, the TEA Party, which was formed in response to the proposals made by President Obama after the economic downturn, caused the downturn in the first place?

      You get an A for logic, if you are a Tacoma Education Association member. F in the rest of the world.

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