Back to Basics


The concept of “The Crown” to the English people is that of an abstract, ideal government. It derives its power to rule directly from God. It’s agent is the king (currently queen).

The idea that the king can do whatever he wants is in direct opposition to the idea of The Crown. The king is not free to do as he pleases–only free to do a God pleases. For instance, the king cannot claim that by thwarting the obvious commandments of God—“Thou shalt not kill”, “Thou shalt not commit adultery”, etc…—he is really doing what God wants him to do.

It is by this that parliament gains power over the king, because parliament is able to determine whether or not the king’s actions align with God’s will, and if not, which actions would. However, God did not give parliament the power to be king, and the last time that was tried it ended in disaster for the country.

Our American system of government is no different, except we interpret things very differently.

First, ultimate authority under the American system still rests with God. As Creator and as Lord of all, He is truly the King of Kings. I want to emphasize at this point that God is not who we wish God would be, but he is who He Is. It is the scientist, who executes experiments upon the objects of God’s creations, subject to God’s law, that is exercising true faith in God and discovering God’s true nature, not the philosopher and scholar who merely read God’s word and tries to draw conclusions from it.

Second, unlike the English system, we do not believe God vests his power in the king or “The Crown”. We believe he has given his power directly to man. When God pronounced to Adam that he was lord of the entire earth, that authority passed through his seed to us today. We are all equal inheritors to Adam’s lordship. We are all, collectively and individually, lords of the entire earth.

Third, and this is crucial, comes the commandment from God to us to form governments for the protection of our liberties. God has always created governments, and he will always do so. Those governments have power as long as they act according to the scope wherein they were created—to benefit man individually and collectively.

I do not care to discuss at this point which form of government is superior to another. As long as the government protects the rights of the individual and the people, and as long as the government doesn’t trample on God’s law, it is truly an irrelevant question. A benevolent dictator, who acted purely according to God’s will and respected individual liberties is far superior to a wicked republic that does neither.

I think, as we enter this election cycle, we need to remind ourselves of these important facts. It really doesn’t matter who we put in charge of our various organizations and bodies, provided they protect our individual and collective liberties. It really doesn’t matter how we choose who is put in charge as long as it is obvious that the power to govern comes from the consent of the governed—sovereign individuals entitled to an equal claim to Adam’s lordship.

I hope that, as a sovereign individual, you execute your responsibilities dutifully. Turn your eyes and heart to God, or if you find that offensive, the ideals of perfection. Set that as your primary goal as an individual. Then, act according to your full ability to fulfill those ideals.

Yes, the vast majority of what is said and done in a political environment is stupid posturing. Yes, ultimately none of it really matters that much. The only bits that truly matter whether the government we create for ourselves protects our liberties or not.


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