Should Criminals Teach Your Kids?


The behavior of the Tacoma Education Association, the Tacoma teacher’s union, shows why members of that union are unfit to teach our children.

Defying common sense, they demanded a pay raise and a smaller class size when such things are economically impossible. Defying the law of our state, they declared a strike. And now, defying a direct court order, many teachers failed to show up to work today.

This makes the Tacoma Education Association a criminal organization. The difference between this group and the mafia is one of degrees. When the Tacoma Education Association decided that the law doesn’t apply to them, or that they are exempt while others are not, they entered the same realm that criminals and criminal organizations exist within.

Do you want criminals teaching your kids?

The question is now for what we should do about this.

For starters, the union should be disbanded. This is rather simple thing to do. The school board simply stops negotiating with them. The school board simply hires teachers one at a time, without a union contract. This means they deduct nothing for the union. If the teachers really, really want a union, they can form one themselves, but the school board will not negotiate with it.

Second, the teachers who are responsible for the breaking of the law should be fired and never allowed to teach again. Those teachers who failed to report to work this morning have lost all rights and privileges of being called a teacher. Anyone who thinks they are qualified to teach little children are not thinking straight.

Third, criminal punishment should be sought for those who disobeyed the law. That is probably going to be no more than a few weeks of jail time for defying a court order, but it may also involve some additional penalties.

Finally, we should file a civil suit against the teachers union and the teachers, citing damages they caused by disrupting our schedule and by negotiating in bad faith with the school board.

I doubt any of these things will happen. In the real world, when employees of a company behave this way, the company goes under and people end up losing their houses and cars, and sometimes people even go to jail. In the public sector, the taxpayer ends up footing the bill for the irresponsibility on both sides.


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