The Tacoma Education Association Does Not Want This to End


As you can see from how the Tacoma Education Association is negotiating with the school district, one gets the sense that they do not want the strike to end, continually bringing new proposals to the table. See the balanced report from the district to understand how their actions differ from their rhetoric.

I can’t blame them. The writing is on the wall. Teacher pay cuts are coming, one way or the other, thanks to the incompetence of the state legislature, run entirely by the Democratic Party, and the lack of any leadership by our governor, also a democrat. In addition, political ill will towards the union spells the end of the union at least in Tacoma. Superintendent Art Jarvis has been more than fair with the union, and they have reciprocated with childish and illegal behavior.

I think it’s time the district play hard ball. The teachers do not wish to resolve this because they think they will get their jobs back with pay restored. All the superintendent needs to do is declare that unions are unnecessary, and that he’s already interviewing teachers to replace the union members who fail to show up to work every day. When the teachers come running back to the negotiation table, this time to resolve it quickly, he needs to bring forward his proposals on what a fair contract would look like, going beyond his initial proposals at the beginning of the process.


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