Socrates’ Wisdom


One of the most profound statements that doesn’t come from the East is Socrates simple statement true wisdom is knowing how little we really know.

Randall Hoven at American Thinker beautifully explains how stupid he is. He is so stupid that he asks for evidence and data when it comes to the impossible theories we are being fed. If, at the same time so-called scientists demand no doubt, but we are faced with the reality that scientists know so little of what they are purported to know, one can see why science, at least, science as we have it today, is on the decline.

What should replace it? The science of Socrates, the science of Newton, of Einstein, of every great scientist who understood that to presume wisdom or knowledge is to obtain ignorance.

Rutherford is one of my all-time favorite scientists. Why? He was not exceptionally brilliant. Great scientists tend to be only slightly smarter than average. Rutherford was an experimental physicist. He tortured nature to obtain answers to those pesky questions that so-called scientists presumed were simply true of false.

As we come out of the standard model, with the understanding that the Higgs Boson is 95% likely not to exist, we should remind ourselves of how little we really know.

On to religion! The topics of science and religion are inseparable, not as polar opposites, but as two sides of the same coin. Religion is the realm of belief. There is no evidence in religion, or at least no evidence at the foundation. The foundation of science is the belief, and it is only a belief, that the universe is ordered and structured in such a way that pure logic and experimentation can be used to determine its structure. Do you see how beautifully these ideas combine?

I am awe-struck by the ignorance on the topic of religion just as much as many are awe-struck in scientific ignorance.

There is, of course, outright apathy, the idea that God does not want us to know, so we should not try to obtain knowledge. Or, the idea that knowing more about religion and God is not beneficial to us. This is, of course, when you think for a moment about it, absurdity. Is there any difference between such a person and someone who says the universe has no order and it’s pointless to try and find it?

Then there are those who claim that God is unknowable, so why try? But we know from what God has already showed us, both within scripture and in the universe around us, even the tiniest fraction of God’s knowledge is power, power to save (and power to damn.) If you were only to obtain a few slivers of knowledge and wisdom of God, happy are you! How is this any different from those who think science is “too hard” so they should just abandon it altogether?

Then there are those who suppose they understand things better than God. This is a rather easy trap to fall into, particularly for those who know a few things that are true about God. The thinking is simply this. Take a few points of knowledge, combine them with what you think to be logic, and then suppose that the logical conclusion is the real state of the universe. The problem is, just as in physics, we are incapable of doing anything but the most basic logical reasoning, and even then, we get a lot of it wrong. Show me a scientist who trusts in theories before experiments, and I’ll show you one who is barely a scientist at all. These are priests who do not practice, or preachers of supposition and fantasy.

Our quest, the purpose of our mortal life here on earth, is obviously to obtain knowledge. With that knowledge, we obtain power, the power to choose how to use that knowledge. We can fruitlessly try to invent our own knowledge, or we can turn to the source itself. Whether we obtain knowledge through divine revelation, or careful and methodical experimentation, we can obtain the knowledge we need for our lives.


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