Why I am a Tepid TEA Partier


Lloyd Marcus writes at American Thinker about the tepid response of the Romney supporters at his Tea Party Express V stop. (link)

I strongly agree with almost everything the TEA Party stands for.

However, I don’t believe in getting worked up into a frenzy.

Someone’s military service is a very serious, very somber thing for me. Three of my four grandparents served in the military. All 3 of them won’t talk about it, except for the bits that are mostly mundane. They don’t get rallied or riled up. They are very calm, very serious people. That is my culture as well. I love the troops, I think very highly of anyone who chooses to put on a uniform, and I give them several benefits of a doubt.

At the one TEA Party rally I attended, the presenters tried to work us up into a frenzy. I don’t care for that kind of stuff.

I guess I don’t allow people to work me up about much at all. There are things that are right, and things that are wrong. There are things that I can do, and things that I can’t. I guess I am a Vulcan when it comes to these things.

Mitt Romney reflects, almost to a T, the feelings and sentiment I have. He is a very serious, very real person. Rick Perry is increasingly turning into a fraud in my head because he is making unserious attacks against Romney.

Those who get worked up in a frenzy about anything political I find to be tolerable at best. I don’t go to rock concerts. I don’t like being part of a crowd with too much energy.

I guess that’s one of the reasons why I’d probably still attend services with the LDS church if I questioned all the tenets of its faith. Their services are exactly the kind of energy level I expect, calm, subdued, quiet, and reverent.

I guess that’s the right word: reverent.


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