Romney is the Nominee


The results from last night’s primary in New Hampshire are in, and Mitt Romney is the first non-incumbent republican candidate since 1976 to win both Iowa and New Hampshire.

The other candidates have a choice. Either they can line up behind #2 and hope the combined weight will topple Romney, or they can concede the race and support Romney for president. Since I doubt any of the other candidates would endorse Ron Paul, and he’d need all of their support, this race is over.

Here’s Romney’s victory speech. This is what he is going to sound like in the generals. Obama is toast.

What’s great about both the Iowa and New Hampshire victories is that Mormon bigotry is no longer a factor in our politics. There were vicious attacks against Mitt Romney’s faith, and there will be many more in the future, but the voters voted overwhelmingly to say, “We really don’t tolerate bigotry.”

What’s also great is that Newt Gingrich has already started attacking Mitt Romney with the same vector that the Obama camp would use. This is a really, really good thing. The earlier we work out the anti-freedom rhetoric, the better Romney will do in the generals. If the election comes down to whether people have a right to shut down companies which are not viable long-term, then let it be so.

To all those who think this is a bad thing: What do you think the shareholders do with the capital they pull out of a failing company? Hint: Where do you think other companies get their startup or expansion capital from? I know I saw someone trying to attack Mitt Romney for claiming he’s created, net net, over 100,000 jobs. They looked only at what was done with the companies Bain Capital bought into. They failed to look into what happened to the capital after it was liquidated! I am sure we will find out that 100,000 jobs created is on the low end of things.



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