The GOP Supported King’s Vision


This Martin Luther King day, I want to share with you, readers, the perspective of the GOP, the Republican Party, on Martin Luther King’s vision for our society.

As you have been told, the GOP is a racist and hateful party. Nothing is farther from the truth. The inception of the Republican Party was when the current group of politicians could not find the backbone to stand up for the civil rights of the black race. In response, the Republican Party was formed, the Civil War was fought, and Reconstruction, that period of time when the Republican congress mercilessly pursued state governments and officials who tried to deny the black race their civil rights was enacted.

In the 60’s, republicans were well aware of the atrocities that the Democratic Party had enacted against the black race. Things like Jim Crow laws, and “separate bu equal” were abhorrent in our party’s sight. However, since for the better part of the 20th Century the Republican Party was a minority in congress, we could do little to help except in our own communities or realms of influence.

In the 1960’s, there were enough democrats, finally, that the republicans were able to get a new Civil Rights bill passed. About this time, people started defecting from the Democratic Party, not because they wanted to join the “racist” Republican Party, but rather because it was clear to them that the Democratic Party was quickly becoming the communist party of the United States. This meant a number of politicians with a racist past joined the Republican Party. It also meant that the Republican Party began to explain to these politicians the minimum behavior we demanded, and began to convince them of the vision we had for the black race, that of complete equality under the law, which they found to be tolerable and even preferable. This generation of republicans is all but extinct, along with their foolish ideas.

Martin Luther King marched with a very large number of black people. We all know this. What people often ignore is the very large number of white republicans that marched with Martin Luther King as well. This is but one example of how the Democratic Party has tried to change history.

People forget the massive and unprecedented effort to make sure congress passed the Civil Rights legislation. The TEA Party seems like a huge thing today, but it pales in comparison with the number of republicans who were raising money, knocking on doors, and making phone calls at that time. I doubt the bill would have passed if it weren’t for countless thousands of republicans doing the back-breaking work of shifting public opinion and showing politicians that their vote would be remembered. This was when republicans realized, for the first time in a generation, that they had enough people behind them that they could win. The seeds for the ’94 Republican Revolution were sown in this event.

The sacrifice that Martin Luther King and his supporters made will forever be remembered by the Republican Party. Martin Luther King spoke for us when he dreamed of a future where skin color doesn’t matter. That was the sentiment many republicans felt back in 1860 when the party was first formed. That’s the same sentiment the vast majority of republicans feel today. That’s why we are so welcoming to black politicians who rise to the highest ranks in our political party, and why we encourage everyone to participate in our party, provided they agree with our ideals of equality under the law. I do not care who is black or who is white; that is completely irrelevant to me. I simply wish everyone to do the best with what they have, to be treated equally under the law, and to be given the respect that God demands we render each other.

Don’t let the democrats tell you that the republicans are racist. It takes 5 minutes talking with a real live republican to see that this is simply not true. It takes 5 minutes of reading history to see that this isn’t true. The true party of racism is the Democratic Party. They continue with the same tactics they have used to keep the black race subservient to their political desires today.

Do not think that the over-sized federal government and the welfare state is designed to empower the black people. It is the same policy the American government used to pacify and enslave the Indian nations and make them a shadow of what they used to be. It is the same policy we use to keep foreign powers in check and below us. After all, when one person is paying off another, who is in control of the relationship when the payee becomes dependent on the money?

The new plantations are the projects and government handouts and preferential racist policies. The new slaves are people who grow up into this system believing they cannot survive without the government. The slave masters are the greedy bastards in political office who use this to get re-elected year after year, and grow fat off of the skimmings. They think they have a pretty good system, and it would work if their assumption about the black race—that they are inferior to the white race—was correct. One day, however, the black race will realize what a tremendous con game they have been cheated with, and rise up and demand equality and justice, equality and justice the Democratic Party does not offer them.

Today, the Democratic Party is falling to pieces, literally, before our very eyes. It used to be that the unions, black population, hispanic population, pacifists, environmentalists, and marxists would happily work together. Today, under President Obama’s failed leadership, none of them are getting along at all. The only party that can hold together a solid coalition is the Republican Party, and that only because they have rallied around ideas, not demographics.


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