Sarah Palin is an Anti-Mormon?


Watching the Newt campaign implode, and seeing who is willing to go down with that sinking ship, I am beginning to see into the true natures of some of the people on the national scene.

I had always imagined Sarah Palin to be reasonable and kind and tolerant towards people of other Christian denominations. I had no suspicion that she harbors anti-Mormon sentiments.

The evidence, however, is that she is such a person. When you take the time to delete comments that are critical of blatantly bigoted comments from your Facebook page, you have crossed a line that will take many years to cross back.

Sarah Palin, sorry, but you’ll never get my support any more than  a racist would.

Regarding the attacks on Romney, I’ve been listening the best I can.

The charges of Flip-Flopper work like this. Take a bunch of people saying “Romney” and “Flip-flop” in the same sentence, and show them on TV. Then take every instance where Romney has said, “I have not yet made a decision on this thing” and then later said, “Here is my decision”, and call that a flip-flop. Then take every instance where Romney has said, “I don’t support this particular plan” and then “this is the plan I DO support”, and call that a flip-flop. Or take every instance where he has said, “I intend to uphold the law as it is written as Governor” and then “I intend to change the law because I disagree with it”, and label that a flip-flop. You get the idea.

The charges of lying are outrageous. I don’t even know where to begin with them. Here you have a candidate, Newt Gingrich, that tells the biggest whoppers you can imagine, whoppers that are easily verified, and makes them the center of his campaign. And then you have a candidate like Mitt Romney who has bent over backwards to be very careful to say exactly what he means. And Newt figures it’s a wise move to attack Mitt for being a liar?

Then there are the attacks on Mitt’s “true” positions. When a candidate comes out and signs a marriage pledge, and signs a tax pledge, and promises to do what he can to overturn Roe v. Wade, and promises to do what he can to balance the budget and cut taxes, and then you say he stands for the complete opposite? Holy cow.

The best part is when Mitt turns the tables on Newt, using the exact same tactics he’s used, and the Newt starts crying out “unfair! Unfair!”

There is a reason why Mitt intends to destroy Newt’s campaign. It’s similar to the reason why we don’t just play tit-for-tat in international politics. At some point, you have to eliminate certain people and factions as a participant. Newt has to go. The sooner, the better.

All of the above is simply politics. When you play this game, these things are going to happen, and it’s going to hurt and be nasty and you’re not going to make lots of friends doing it.

What crosses the line is when Newt charges that Mitt is against religious liberty. This is one of the central tenets of our faith, and here, Newt is claiming that Mitt wants to impose his view of religion on the country.

If Newt means that Mitt intends to make America a place where people are free to worship according to the dictates of their conscience, it Newt means that Mitt even intends to make people of different religions feel welcome to politics, then yes, Mitt intends to impose that aspect of his religion on his country. That’s an aspect of our religious belief that I thought the vast majority of Americans, atheists included, share.

If Newt means that Mitt wants to put his religion above others, somehow make Mormonism the new standard religion of American through government force, then I hope Newt burns in political hell for those comments. I am sure a large majority of the American public feel the same way, namely people who don’t share the same religion as Newt. This is an absurd charge. I can’t even tell you where to begin with this.

And then you have Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin, the reformer, supporting Newt Gingrich, the ultimate do-anything say-anything politician and adulterer. Somehow, she can’t find the courage within in her to support Mitt Romney, the Mormon, Rick Santorum, the Catholic, or Ron Paul, the non-Evangelical. So she has to default to the worst candidate of the four, the only one who happens to share her religion. I wouldn’t make such a charge if it weren’t for the fact that she is practicing religious bigotry on her own Facebook page. It’s clear religion is a motivating political factor for her. Let her join Newt in his downfall. I’ve washed my hands of her.

There you have it, folks. You are witnessing someone burning up every ounce of political good will they once had as they go down in flames. You are watching as Mitt Romney throws gas on the flames, and brings a leaf blower to the bonfire. Good on him, good on him, I say. I thought we were rid of the fool after he stepped down as Speaker, and I never imagined he would ever get more than 5% support among the republicans. I hope to never see him or any other adulterous, petty candidate on the national scene again.


3 Responses to “Sarah Palin is an Anti-Mormon?”

  1. Jettboy Says:

    I have only one correction to make on this excellent post. Sarah Palin is not of the same religion as Gingrich who is Catholic. That said, I don’t think evangelical Christians believe he really is a Catholic and are supporting him for this reason over the somewhat more conservative Santorum.

  2. Elizabeth Cramer Says:

    Exactly how I feel about Sarah Palin.

    I will say, that while Newt may have originally been her denomination, I think he converted to Catholicism when he married his….can’t resist saying….his paramour of 6 years.

  3. spamlds Says:

    Newt is the “adulterous Christian” candidate. Look at the people who are endorsing him. Almost all of them have had extramarital affairs in their past– Fred Thompson, Herman Cain, and Sarah Palin. There might be some anti-Mormon sentiment there, but there might be some affinity between these “Christians” who crossed the lines of marital fidelity, too.

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