Every society struggles with keeping one or more of the Natural Laws that govern all life, the universal morality that doesn’t change over time or context.

One of the laws we struggle with is the Law of Chastity.

First, a discussion about laws. Laws are universal things that apply to everyone at the same time. We only get to choose to obey or disobey the law. When we obey, we receive the promised blessing. When we disobey, we receive the promised punishment. Laws do not care about us; they do not wait to listen for excuse.

The laws that govern matter dictate that when you strike your body with sufficient force, the molecular bonds that hold your body together will no longer be able to hold it together. Thus, when someone gets hit by a speeding car, their body is mutilated and they die.

The Law of Chastity is like that law. Our bodies are put together in such a way that the decisions we make about how we use our bodies affects ourselves and the people around us. The Law of Chastity is obvious to anyone who thinks for a moment, critically and dispassionately, about the matter. When we engage in sexual activity, we entered a different mental state. Those whom we engage with form a bond. Breaking that bond hurts deeply. The product of sexual unions between people of the opposite sex can include children. Children born outside of a family based on mutual love and respect and a sense of duty to the children suffer compared to those that don’t. All of these things are obvious.

The Law of Chastity can be clearly deduced by simple observation of the way our bodies work in relation to our sexual activity. We must learn to govern our thoughts, our passions, and our bodies to the point where we save sexual activity exclusively for the person to whom we have committed out entire life, including our post-mortal life. When children are ushered into this world through our sexual activity, we must welcome them and we have a duty, as parents, to do the best we can to raise them into responsible adults.

To those people who have kept the Law of Chastity, they enjoy the blessings of a happy family, a sense of importance in the family, and a sense of responsibility. Their hearts become knitted together in eternal love. Their joy and desire is in the people closest to them. That joy and love spreads out from their family to their relatives and community. People can enjoy the warmth of their home, even in distant lands. Entire nations can be blessed with peace and security if husbands and wives simply obey the Law of Chastity.

Those who violate the Law of Chastity find chaos and coldness. They don’t have a spouse they can rely on, their hearts are not knit together, their homes are not warm. They don’t have a sense of importance or responsibility towards those closest to them, at least to the degree that those who honor the Law of Chastity do.

Because we live in a society where people rely on each other, sometimes for things they need to survive, we have a duty to each other to do the best we can with what we have. If we live among people who do not honor the Law of Chastity, we live among a people who lack the warmth and depth of close family relations. Their children are not raised in ideal circumstances. The society is found to be in a state of decay: each generation seems to have strayed further from what is right and good more than the last.

Some of us think we can handle the consequences of disobeying the Law of Chastity. Is this any different that someone who thinks they can stand in front of a speeding car and live to tell the tale? You may imagine that your body, mind, and spirit are different than everyone else, that you are somehow smarter or better than the rest of the human race. This is pride, and it is a huge mistake. When we think we are better than the people around us, we start treating them differently, worse than, we treat ourselves. This divides our society rather than unites it. The result of this kind of pride is seen when people suppose they or their kin are superior to other people, to the point where they have the right to take their things and land and even exterminate them from the face of the earth.

Some of us think that it’s ok for us to descend into the depths of depravity, because we are harming no one else, or at least, no one else who does not already understand the consequences of their actions. This is also silly. You think you live on an island, that no one else depends on you for anything. You think that it doesn’t matter how you spend what precious little you’ve been given, and that you have no responsibility to show a net profit with your life, for the benefit of mankind. Imagine living in this kind of society, where no one has surplus of anything to share: no doctors, no engineers, no workers, no food, nothing.

You may also think that you’re special, that you’re allowed to transgress because everyone else isn’t. What a great foolish idea this is too! Look around you: If enough people think this, then pretty soon, no one will be doing good at all. What will you have then?

These “private sins” are not private at all. When you and your family suffers, people around you suffer as well. Compare what you could have been compared to what you are. If you had saved your sexual activity solely for your spouse, if you had focused on building a warm family where children can be raised into competent and prosperous adults, how many lives could you have helped along the way?

As we descend into the morally depraved world we are creating for ourselves, does anyone take the time to think: “Maybe what feels good for me right now isn’t the best thing for myself and the people around?” We’re ready to admit that sorting our garbage or keeping our lights turned off will save the planet, but what we do with our sexual organs has no effect at all on society?

There is a way back. We can start today living the Law of Chastity. Rededicate yourselves to sexual purity. If you’ve caused a baby to born outside of a loving family, do what you can to either make good or to get the child into a family that is healthy. Encourage the people around you to keep the Law of Chastity to the fullest extent, starting with the way you dress to the things you talk about to the media you participate in. Think big: Think about what you can do to creating a loving home that can welcome children into this world and prepare them for life. Think about what you can do to bring more love and joy and family happiness to the world. Imagine a neighborhood with every family living in complete bliss, and you’re part of that because you’re behaving in ways that encourage that.

The right way is not to celebrate ignorance of or violations of the Natural Law. We cannot change the Natural Law, anymore than Congress could pass an act that the molecules that hold our bodies together must never separate even under intense force. We can only agree to live according to it, and reap the rewards, or decide to violate it, and reap the consequences.


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