Can The State Legislature Redefine our Language?


Governments throughout time have had the audacity to think they can do things they cannot do. This is the heart of a tyrant: a government that does not understand its role or purpose or what it can and cannot do.

A good example is the governments in times past that have dictated the mathematical constant pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, to be exactly 3. It doesn’t matter where they claim authority from, it simply isn’t true, and no amount of redefinition can change that. If government were actually capable of redefining pi to be something it is not, then people who actually relied on pi would simply call the exact ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter something else.

Here we are, in Washington State, watching the state legislature engaged in similar foolishness. They are trying to redefine the term “marriage”, changing it into something it is not nor will it ever be. Do they not realize that what will inevitably happen is that marriage will simply lose its meaning, the same way pi defined to be exactly 3 would lose its meaning?

If this law passes, and is upheld by the people, then we will live in a world where I won’t be able to call myself “married” anymore. That word will no longer describe the relationships between my wife, my children, and my ancestors and her ancestors. People like me will have to come up with a new term.

What if we persist in using the term marriage the way it has been used since the beginning of history, as a union between man and woman for the purpose of building a family? Then we’ll be forced to contradict our state. We’ll have to explain to people around us, especially our children, that what the government calls “marriage” is not what marriage really is. Is this any different than when I have to explain to my kids that even though something is legal, it is wrong?

My main concern is that I will be punished for doing exactly that. I will not only be labeled all sorts of terrible slanderous, untrue things in public, but I may suffer legal penalties. For instance, if I refuse to extend the same privileged to same-sex couples who are married according to the state, but not married according to my conscience.

Let it be clear: I do not care what someone’s sexual proclivities are. It is wholly irrelevant, just like it is irrelevant whether someone is a potential alcoholic. What matters is how people choose to use their liberty. I might have tendencies that do not lead to the best results for myself, my family, and my community. I do not excuse my behavior because of them. I identify them, and take extra caution to avoid behaving according to them. I do this because I genuinely care for myself, my family, and the people around me. Everyone is like this. We are all imperfect, and we all have to spend extra effort to ensure that we do the best with what we have, and learn to control our desires and actions. If you happen to have homosexual tendencies, then I welcome you as a fellow human being and an equal. I refuse to treat you differently because of your proclivities.

I know that our #1 duty in this life is to procreate, and build a generation of humanity better than our own. If you believe that life is good, then you will agree that there is no higher goal for any person, group of people, society or nation. The only way this is possible is through marriage and responsible child rearing. It doesn’t matter how my state decides to define terms, I will always insist that the highest goal for any person is to find someone of the opposite sex, commit their entire life to them, practice sexual purity by engaging in sexual activity with that one person, and then rearing the children of such a union with love. Whatever we call that, that is what I will preach, privately and publicly, as the best and most honorable thing for anyone to do, no matter what their proclivities are.

One of the worst lines of reasoning I have heard is that we shouldn’t care what people do with their sexual organs. I think this is a terrible, terrible idea. I certainly care. Why? What if your offspring could find the cure for cancer, or be a political leader that unites our people, or simply work in a low-end yet critical job in our economy? What if your offspring could end up marrying one of my sons or daughters, and would bring into my family future grandchildren? What if your offspring end up being friends and neighbors to myself and my children? One day, I might need help, and I’d reach out to your potential children. When you choose not to take responsibility for your sexual organs, and not live up to your duty to procreate and raise the next generation of humanity, you are injuring me, because that means I and the people I love will never know the children you could have raised. We will not be blessed with them in our community.

It’s like the man that has the expertise and the know-how to raise healthy food at an affordable price for the people around him, but decides instead to waste his life in alcohol and crime. What a waste! He could’ve fed thousands or millions, and helped them be more healthy than they otherwise would be. Or the investor who sits on millions of dollars and is too afraid to invest it in a potentially successful business. Or the smart kid who decides he doesn’t want to pursue education but is satisfied working in McDonalds. What a waste! What a waste! How much better we all would be if these people simply decided to do the best with what they had.

The vast majority of us have the power within us to create more human life and raise our offspring to be responsible, loving adults. When we forego this for whatever reason, we are hurting the people around us.

No, I don’t believe the state should compel people to get married unwillingly. I do believe that the state should hold marriage as the highest ideal with the highest honor and regard, just like we honor and recognize people who create jobs or achieve new discoveries in science and medicine. I do believe there is a compelling state interest in keeping the definition of marriage as it is. I do believe that we all benefit when we keep society focused on our #1 goal: raising the next generation to be better than ours.


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