Oh No! The Mormons Baptize the Dead!


There is a lot of hay out of Mitt Romney’s religion coming from the left now that it’s all but certain he will be the nominee. (Psst! Mitt Romney’s a Moooooormon)

One of the silliest attacks I can imagine is an attack on our doctrine of salvation for the dead, or in other words, the ordinances we perform “for and in behalf of” the people who have gone before us.

There are only two possibilities: Either the Mormons are who they claim to be, God’s chosen people who have a duty to bring the gospel to the earth in anticipation of the Second Coming, holders of the same priesthood keys that Peter had, the sealing power to seal and loosen in heaven, or we do not.

If you believe we are who we claim to be, then we are doing the most illustrative great work since the foundation of the world. We intend, with no exaggeration, to baptize and perform other essential ordinances for every human who ever lived on this earth, or ever will. Thus clothed with these ordinances, they will be able to, if they desire, stand with us and the righteous hosts from the history of the world before God and be crowned as kings and priests unto God forever. We will rise together, as equals and peers of Christ, to unimaginable glory and eternal life, a life like God has now.

If you believe we are who we claim to be, and you oppose our work, then you are obviously an instrument of that great destroyer who wants to drag down all of mankind to an eternal hell. You stand opposed to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

If you believe who we claim to be, and have an ounce of desire for good, then you will join us in our efforts, be baptized into our church, live worthily so that you can perform the saving ordinances for your ancestors and the ancestors of people from across the world.

If you believe we are not who we claim to be, but something else, even something malevolent, then you have nothing to worry about. We cannot change one thing either in this world or the world to come. God is not amused with our sacrilege and supposition, and will surely throw us into hell to burn for eternity.

However, even if you think we are wrong, you must admire us for how we think of our fellow beings. We like what we have, and we intend to share it with everyone.

If you believe you can opt out of baptism for the dead, either for you or your family, you are going to be sadly wrong. See, at some point in time, someone, maybe a descendant, maybe a distant relative, is going to ask us to do the work on your behalf and for your ancestors. While you are free to refuse our gift, you are not free to not be offered it. We will honor your request not to do your work, at least until someone living who can speak on your behalf will permit us, because we are nice people, and it is not our intent to anger people. We do not believe God will hold us guiltless if we leave even one person unbaptized. Indeed, we believe that if we cannot show up with a complete record of every living soul to be born on this earth, with a complete set of saving ordinances, then we will be just as damned as that person who lacks the ordinances.

No other religion offers what we have. No other religion can explain God’s justice and mercy, and show how they are both in effect at the same time. No other church can explain why it isn’t a tragedy to have someone live their life in complete ignorance of the gospel. No other religion can offer to save not only people who accept the gospel in this life, but everyone who ever would accept the gospel. All those who admit God is just must also wonder why God would “unjustly” cause people to live and die without an opportunity to repent. We don’t wonder about those things, because we know how everyone will be saved if they so desire.

What does this have to do with Mitt Romney? Nothing. Mitt Romney is not our church leader, does not set our church policy, and is no more or less important than me and millions upon millions of other members.

Mitt Romney is asking to be president of the United States, not the pope, and not the Mormon ambassador of the church.

These stupid attacks on his religion are pointless and absurd. The fact the left attacks our candidate this way must mean they believe attacking a candidate’s religion is a valid way to criticize a candidate. Well, Mr.. Obama, do you support or reject your pastor’s comment, “God Damn America!” If it is going to be a war of religions, then I say, bring it on. I would love to tell you why Obama’s religion is actually a real threat to America, and why the LDS one will save us by providing us with even greater religious freedoms.

If you think Mitt Romney believes it will be his job to impose his religion on the people of the United States as president, then you are calling him a bald-faced liar, and you must believe he is a covert agent who governed Massachusetts the way he did because he was expecting to become president later, and only then, will he reveal his secret Mormon agenda to take over the government of the United States. If you’re the type of person who believes this sort of thing, please do us all a favor, go find a good psychiatrist, lay off the weed, and don’t vote until you are sane again.


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