If you care about the budget, you cannot elect a democrat to our state legislature.


I think I speak for most, maybe all, of the people of the State of Washington when I say we want a sane government with a balanced budget. We may not agree on how to get there, either through spending cuts or tax increases, but we all know that the way to a positive future is not in spending tomorrow’s dollars today.

When I see things like the House Democrats and their $405 million budget trick, I get really, really nervous. The sad news is even the republican proposal (which will never see the light of day) still only provides for a 2.1% reserve against what most people agree should be a 5% reserve.

The even sadder thing is that there is a $2,000 million shortfall coming at us in the near future.

We need to substantially change the way we budget in Olympia. Whatever we are doing is not working, and our kids are going to end up paying the price, both with today’s education dollars and tomorrow’s repayment for our mistakes.


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