Mitt Romney and Ron Paul?


I had a terrifyingly good thought.

  • I’ve heard whispers that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have developed a sincere and close friendship.
  • I’ve seen how Romney and Paul treat each other. When they do take a swing at each other, usually it’s a quick jab, never followed by an uppercut.
  • When someone gets to the top of the pile that isn’t Romney, Ron Paul does an expert job at cutting him down to size by saying what needs to be said.

All of this suggests that Romney and Paul are really on the same side.


  1. What if Romney chose Ron Paul (or Rand Paul) as his running mate?
  2. What if Ron Paul sent out a newsletter telling you to support Romney because he supports many of the principles Ron Paul stands for?
  3. What if Romney openly spoke about how he agrees with Ron Paul that we need to have a formal declaration of war and how we need to bring our troops home and protect our own borders?
  4. What if Romney came out and said that the reason why we have these cycles is because of the Fed, and we need to investigate and perhaps shut the Fed down?
  5. What if Romney came out and said that he intends to make the Constitution of the United States the supreme law of the land, and he’d start by limiting what his administration does to only those things congress is authorized by the constitution to permit him to do?

Would you support Romney if one or more of the above happened?

Unlike many republicans, I’m not afraid to say that Ron Paul has an honest chance at winning the entire election if nominated. I believe he can get support from across the board, bring in many people who would not otherwise vote, and put the democratic candidate into a little hole that would be all but indefensible. I believe Romney has a better chance, and would be a better president overall (even though secretly I think I agree more with Paul than Romney), so I support him. But I’m not afraid to say that Ron Paul is a very good candidate and his supporters deserve a full seat at the political round table.

I think it would be fantastically awesome if the new face of the Republican Party were dominated by Ron Paul supporters. Although they seem a little immature at times, I can easily explain that away with their youth and inexperience, which means I’d have no beef with them if they matured as all political people do. A Romney-Paul presidency would give them a huge boost, and set up America for 8 years of Rand or Ron Paul after Romney’s done.


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