Why Muslims Can’t Have Their Own State


In Tunisia and Egypt, it’s becoming very apparent that when Obama allowed the people to overthrow the government, he allowed muslim radicals to dominate the countries and rise to power. This is very, very bad for the world.

If you don’t understand why, if you’re one of those people that think everyone has a right to self-rule, then help me inform you.

I’m going to divide Muslims into two groups, based on one discriminating factor that is easily identified. The factor is this: do they respect the rights of others? Do they allow others to worship, to live, to do what they think is best? Or do they try to impose their ideas on others by force and without regard to what is best for the people around them?

Maybe it would help if we took the discussion of rights back to where it was five hundred years ago, when kings were everywhere and they claimed rights from God to rule. Why would some kings seem to do just fine while others couldn’t seem to get a grip on their throne and scepter? It’s rather simple. One group of kings understood their rights and responsibilities, two faces of the same coin, while the other group thought they could have one without another.

In those days, if a king rose up with a proper respect of his rights and responsibilities, and organized his nation under his leadership to be more peaceful, more just, and more effective in battle, and especially more wealthy, the people would celebrate him as a wise and just king, and would gladly lay down their lives to defend his position. If a king rose up with a different idea, that his rights entitled him to special privileges and didn’t demand justice for the people, then the people would gladly support whomever came along to replace him when the time was right.

Consider each man a king, each man in the world today endowed by God himself to rule on a throne of power. Some men will take that power and use it responsibly. These are the people who can self-rule and who can build societies with a republic form of government. Other men will abuse their rights for selfish purposes, not respecting the rights of the others around them. These are people who cannot self-rule, and when entrusted with the power to self-rule, end up harming themselves and the people around them.

Many Muslims in the Middle East are perfectly responsibly, ordinary salt-of-the-earth types. I don’t have a problem with them. Indeed, we need to treat them the same way we treat endangered species. I wouldn’t mind if America and the rest of the civilized world boldly declared that any fair-minded person in the Middle East who’s rights are not respected would be just cause for war. That is, if one person gets their hands chopped off without due process, one woman gets stoned to death without something resembling a fair trial, then we get to go in and invade the country.

You may think this is extreme, but it’s really not. In days past, we could easily contain threats from countries dominated by people who simply don’t understand that with rights come responsibility, or people who are incapable of acting responsibly. Geography and technology separated us. In these days, there is no such barrier.

And when you get a government run by these kinds of people, they will think little of taking bold action to kill people in other nations. We’ve already seen this, repeated, multiple times.

Which is why we need to unify behind whatever government we can to dominate these countries dominated by men incapable of governing themselves, whether they are popular or not. If there is a government of unjust men in some country in the Middle East, we need to overthrow it and replace it with an American-backed state. If there is any hope of one day a Muslim nation actually being dominated by responsible men, then we need to do it for the sake of the just in those countries.

If we admit that such a goal is too lofty, then we need to take a different stance with these countries. Rather than nation-building, we need to pursue a doctrine of perpetual destruction. Whenever one warlord rises to power, we play the other warlords to crush him, and ensure that they can never unify more than a few people at a time. That’s how Europe survived until now, despite the overwhelming capability of the Muslim nations to overthrow them.

Again, if the radical Muslims weren’t so numerous and weren’t so bent on abusing their rights, we wouldn’t need to have this discussion at all.


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