Democrat, Republican, or Independent: Go to your caucus!


I don’t care who you are, or what party you affiliate with, if any at all, or whether you agree with all of my political ideas or not.

I do care that you exercise your God-given rights by showing up at a caucus and having your voice heard. Perhaps, even, you can be elected as a convention attendee, and have a voice in shaping the future of American politics.

One of the secrets behind the TEA Party is that it refuses to align with any one political party. If you are a liberal democrat or conservative republican it doesn’t matter; if you want to see the federal budget cut, then you are part of the TEA Party. The TEA Party works simply by getting its people to participate in their political processes, no matter what party they belong to.

The ideal future is one in which we have democrat and republican candidates pining for TEA Party support, or better yet, where TEA Party support is assumed and they debate all the issues the TEA Party doesn’t care about.

By so doing, the TEA Party activists are able to “buy” seats of power in congress. Normally, congressmen expect you to tow the party line when it comes to controversial issues.
“If you want X, then you need to stand with me today to support Y.” Well, TEA Party supporters don’t fall in that trap. They do not tow any party lines. They, in fact, are quite fickle. If they elect a representative, and he renegs on his TEA Party promises, then come re-election time, he’ll face the TEA Party in the primaries. If both parties are claiming to be with the TEA Party, then even if the anti-TEA Party representatives wins the primary, they risk losing in the generals.

Congressmen know this, which is why they do not like the TEA Party, especially if they got elected by the TEA Party. They are hamstrung—incapable of going far from the reservation.

This is the kind of activity we need in this country.

Don’t go to the caucus because you support the party. Go to the caucus because you do NOT support the party, and you want to CHANGE the party to support you!


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