Let’s Abort Babies, to Secure Our Financial Future!


I have often wondered what passes through the minds of people who support abortion, and more particularly, government-financed or mandated abortion, as is in Obama’s health care plan.

I can only imagine that they actually think human life is secondary to economic success. They actually value money and all the things money brings us over human life.

What’s funny is that money is only valuable because it can buy labor. What good is money in a world where there is no one to hire?

This simple line of reasoning clearly demonstrates that life is more important than money, in every case. We are disgusted with the thought of placing an economic value on any human life, because it is repugnant to basic morality and ethics.

If you bring any argument around to the human element, the question of whether it expands people’s liberties or infringes upon them, you will make the right political decision every time if you value life and liberty greater than everything else.


One Response to “Let’s Abort Babies, to Secure Our Financial Future!”

  1. The Observer Says:

    You may find some interest in this post I recently composed on the abortion issue:


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