Report from WA LD 27 by Jon Higley


Jon Higley writes about the caucus held this last Saturday:

The numbers were so great that the few exterior doors in the hall had to be opened to relieve the increased temperature from all the attendees. Discussion amongst members of the precincts were civil, orderly, and sometimes “lively”, but business was conducted in a decent and respectful manner by all.


One Response to “Report from WA LD 27 by Jon Higley”

  1. Floyd Belanger Says:

    That was my experience down here in Vancouver too. It was difficult to hear, though. Also, I found that the delegates chosen from our precinct (and many others) did not properly represent the caucus attendees’ presidential preferences. If my memory serves me well, there were only ten actual Republican attendees and they voted as follows in the straw poll: Romney 5, Paul 2, Santorum 1, Gingrich 1, uncommitted 1. However, one delegate was chosen for each candidate for the county caucus. That is because one of the Romney supporters was soon moving out of the state and three others had work or other conflicts. Odd way to choose a candidate.

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