Paul Stone’s Startup:


A good friend of mine has taken the leap of faith and started a new company. He is manufacturing parts that are used to make panel saws. Check out his product at

It doesn’t take a million dollars to start a business and take on an entire industry. All it takes is some sweat, blood and tears.

If Paul Stone makes it big, he’ll become very rich from his idea. That’s the way it should be.

If not, then we’re better off because we will know that his idea isn’t necessarily better than the other products out there.

Unfortunately, Lady Luck doesn’t favor everyone who has a big idea. But I think in this case, Paul Stone has the right idea, and he’s executing it in the right way.

If you are thinking of getting a panel saw, but don’t want to drop thousands on it, then take a look at putting together his panel saw kit. At $300, it’s likely going to pay for itself in a matter of weeks.


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