Taxes Hurt the Poor the Most (The Rich can Flee)


Reuters: More US citizens and legal residents are leaving the US over tax issues.

Liberals argue that using the tax system as a form of “Robin Hood” economic policy is a good idea. Conservatives argue that it’s a terrible idea.

Why is it a bad idea? Because the inevitable target of the taxes, the rich, are able to modify their behavior or flee. Tell me: Have you ever seen a rich person become poor due to taxes? Of course not.

Taxes inevitably end up hurting the poor.

  1. The poor tend to be more ignorant about tax policy, and come tax time, end up paying.
  2. The poor are not as mobile as the rich, and end up caught in bad tax systems while the rich flee.
  3. The poor rely on the rich providing them with handouts and jobs, which dry up when taxes are too high.
  4. The income tax is a tax on getting rich, not a tax on the rich, and so the poor stay poor.

Conservatives want a fairer tax system, a tax system that gives the poor as much as an advantage as the rich.

  1. A simple tax code means even those with little time or mental capacity can effectively weigh their economic decision, and make decisions that favor themselves rather than the government.
  2. A low tax rate, the lowest in the world, means there is no economic incentive to flee, and every economic incentive to come to America.
  3. With taxes low, not only people but investment capital will flow into our country, giving the poor opportunities to get rich that would not exist.
  4. With taxes low, the poor will be very mobile on the economic ladder, since there will be no tax keeping them poor.

Liberals would like people to believe that if the government doesn’t do it, it doesn’t get done. What backwards thinking! Government is corrupt, the very definition of corruption. Government works by force, not persuasion. When government grows, freedoms are lost. This is exactly what we need less of in our society today.

Especially in the charity sector of our economy! What horrible thinking that no one will “pay their fair share” and help the poor on their own? What horrible thinking that only the devastating power of state coercion can cause people to do what needs to be done to help their neighbor! If we lived in such a society, it would be worse than living in hell.

That’s not the America I know. America is powered by volunteers at every level doing what needs to be done not for personal gain but for the benefit of their family, friends and neighbors. A tax code that punishes people for getting rich, that teaches people that it is not their job to look after the needy, that teaches people that they must turn to the awful power of the state to obtain generosity and compassion—that is the very opposite of the American spirit that makes us special and unique.

If you care for the poor, you’ll want to lower taxes for all. If you care for the sick, the hungry, the needy, you’ll want to join the conservative movement in keeping government limited and small and well apart from charity.


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