The Problem With Statists


The problem with statists is that they refuse to accept reality as it is, but instead pretend that things are the way they are not.

A healthy understanding of Christian theology clears up any confusion about the state of man. We are fallen sons and daughters of God. The thing that separates us from perfection is our unwillingness to accept the authority of God in our lives. No one can be forced to obey God and love him; we must all independently choose to do so, or not. The power is within us, and no one can change that.

The Statist looks at the world, and ignores some fundamental qualities of the nature of physics and the nature of man. They suppose that science isn’t an observational art, but an art that can be used to obtain the results one wants to see. Do we need to look very hard to find instances of Statists embracing pseudo-science? Is it any wonder why? No one really likes to have their world-view changed. No one really likes to know they were wrong.

No one, that is, but the pure Christian. See, as a Christian, I admit and embrace the fact that I am wrong about many things. God’s ways are not my ways. If I ever hope to do anything good in this life, it is only in changing my understanding of the universe. Change towards a more godly understanding is not just a good thing, but a necessary thing. Of course, not every change is good, so we must weight carefully whether a change is for the better, or towards error. There is an influence just as strongly influencing our hearts that is set in opposition to that influence for good. If it weren’t so, we really wouldn’t be free to choose for ourselves.

The Statist looks on the nature of man and sees an animal that can be trained much like dogs or goldfish. If only they were trained properly, they could behave in ways that benefits everyone, they vainly imagine. They refuse to admit that men have the power to choose for themselves what they will do with their lives. As such, the Statist looks to mold and bend people’s minds to their wills, while the Christian seeks only to influence respectfully. That’s why we have the death camps and starvation campaigns in socialist and communist countries that murdered hundreds of millions, while no such parallel exists in the Christian world.

Capitalism is a description of the way things are. It is not a philosophy that is taught or imposed. The very fact that the universe is the way it is, and human nature is the way it is, means that capitalism will be with us forever, as long as men have needs and have choice. You can no more overthrow capitalism than you could overthrow death, or disease, or hopelessness. You may try to pervert nature such that death, disease, and hopelessness, along with capitalism disappear, but all you are really doing is hurting people.

The Christian does not look to the state to do what he would not do himself. The idea that if government doesn’t take care of the poor, no one will, is an insult to men’s free will. Every time I hear this, I think, “What are you saying about me? That I won’t step forward to care for the people around me unless I am compelled by my government? Do you really think I am as horrible as that?” No, not everyone is charitable, but enough of us in this country are, so much so that I am confident that if we simply stopped all the social welfare programs at all government levels, that the communities would spontaneously organize to meet and exceed whatever aid people received from the government.

And so it is for defense. The government is merely a by-product of our willingness to help each other in securing each other’s liberties. If you eradicated the government, we would build it again for the same reason. We pool our resources and freedoms in the constitution of the government, and we do so for a specific reason. Defense is not one of many reasons for government, it can be argued that it is the only reason. When you see our governments spend the majority of their budgets on securing people’s liberties, then we have a government doing what it was intended to do, even if it means you have to hold a bake sale to procure books for schoolchildren.

The Statist, in short, is the one living in a fantasy world. The fact that they have never been right is testament to this. Every prediction they have made has always turned out to the contrary.


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