On Tuesday night, Governor Scott Walker, Republican of Wisconsin, obliterated the unions of his state. The once-proud home of socialism and unions in America is now at the forefront of their abolition.

I can’t emphasize enough what happened in Wisconsin. The liberals were utterly crushed. They have no more hope in that state.

On the same day, two public-sector unions were handed the bitter taste of defeat in two deeply blue cities in California.

If Scott Walker can win in Wisconsin, then anti-union Republicans can win in Washington State. We need not fear them anymore.

More importantly, I’m watching the coalition of interests that make up the Democratic Party fall to pieces.

One leg of the stool was the union vote. Unions are being handed defeats across the country. There are fewer people in unions today than there have been for many decades. Unions are nowhere nearly as popular as they were just five years ago.

The other leg of the stool is the environmental movement. Conservatives are quickly taking over that movement, replacing the fantasy of Global Warming with common-sense stewardship of the land. The EPA is also on the chopping block of the Republican Party.

Another leg was the black vote. When Obama announced he would support homosexual marriage, a whole lot of black pastors said they could no longer support him. Blacks have always voted, heavily, against homosexual marriage, and it looks like many of them will vote against Barack Obama. Mitt Romney may earn more of the black vote than any republican has since reparations.

Another leg of the stool was crony capitalism. Companies like Solyndra were one of thousands that leech on the federal budget. Their earnings ends up in democratic campaign budgets. Where did Solyndra’s money go? It’s not coming home to the democrats.

I can’t point to any particular group that Obama is doing well with except the homosexual vote. Even then, I believe this is the last year people will think it is an actual possibility to have homosexual marriage across the country. Even Washington State is likely to overturn the law.

Here’s my predictions, which I may get wrong. (1) Mitt Romney wins big. He is crowned Reagan v 2.0. (2) The liberals suffer astonishing defeats in every corner of the country. (3) Homosexual marriage goes down in defeat.

I wonder whose idea it was to make Barack Obama president. Maybe it seemed like a good idea even 2 years ago. Perhaps he really was a Manchurian Candidate. Regardless, it’s apparent that what killed him and his allies or supporters was his own incompetence.

I hope Mitt Romney gets to use the line, “I’ve fired people more competent than you.” I would love to hear that.

After 2012, the liberals really have to wonder what they are going to do. They cannot win, anywhere. The TEA Party has completely stymied every effort they have made or will make. Glenn Beck continues to expose them. I really can’t see them continuing as a viable political option.

1980 was the year liberals saw they could lose elections to strong conservatives.

1994 was the year liberals realized that they were no longer popular.

2006 was the year republicans realized they could not longer be liberal.

2010 is the year conservatives said, “Screw it” to the parties, and decided to do things their own way.

2012 is the year that the political debate is going to be between TEA Party and the Republican Party. After, of course, they completely obliterate the Democratic Party and the liberal movement.

From here on out, the question is how quickly do we balance the budget, and how quickly do we lower taxes to almost nothing.


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