How to Fundamentally Transform Government


Some people think that the Supreme Court will one day step in and make a ruling that will bring the constitution back to its text, and preserve the rights and freedoms of the people in the process. This will never happen.

Some people think that a new constitutional amendment will be passed, either by the states or the congress, and that magically, the constitution will protect the rights and freedoms of the people. This will never happen, either.

Some people think that one day, we’ll elect a congress and a president, and legislatures across the country, which will begin the slow and arduous process of moving the country towards liberty by  whittling away at socialist programs, by creating a free enterprise sector of the economy where everyone is free to get rich, and by weaning people off of government. This could happen, but not how you would think.

There is not going to be a magical election when, all of a sudden, Americans choose a different government substantially different from the last. That will never happen.

Americans will oscillate between two kinds of governments, governments that represent pluralities in our country. The Founding Fathers intended this. They wanted the House of Representatives to oscillate between extremes. By choosing representatives by majority or plurality votes, all it takes is a tiny shift in public opinion, and a new party sweeps congress. They could’ve done some proportional allocation scheme, where power doesn’t transfer as rapidly, but they did not.

The change that needs to occur, the only change that will change our government, is in the hearts and minds of the people. One by one, as people’s ideas change, their votes change, and the governments change. It is up to us to convince the majority of our fellow countrymen that our ideas are correct and our ideological opponents are wrong. It is no different than the effort required to convince people to change their religion, or to change their lifestyle, or to adopt new technologies. It can be done, but it is not easy.

Our fight is not in the Supreme Court, or in the presidency, or in Congress, or in the ballot box, even. These are all effects, not causes. Our fight is ultimately in the minds of every one of the people in this country. Our job is to educate and motivate.

Ultimately, a piece of paper, the constitution, cannot secure your freedom. To expect such a thing is laughable. I can’t imagine that the Mongol Hordes were stopped by people waving contracts and laws in their face. It was stopped by people, thousands and thousands of individuals who stood up, faced their fears, stood shoulder-to-shoulder, and  fought rather than ran.

And so it is in our country. The Congress, the President, the Supreme Court, care nothing about you. They don’t even know who you are. They don’t want to know. To expect them to care about you because of a piece of paper is laughable. What makes them care is the fact that so many other people in our country care about you. What gives the constitution power is that so many other people care about it as well.

If the majority who vote at the polls care about individual liberty and the constitution, then the government will care, deeply, about what they think. The government will do everything in their power to ensure that they get re-elected in the next election. As long as the voters care, the government will care.

If you want to fundamentally transform America, don’t throw your hopes in a candidate or a supreme court case. What a false God that is! Instead, work to convince your neighbors and your friends to change how they vote. Change will not happen overnight, but it will happen. One day, we’ll have a majority in congress who actually cut the budget, who lower taxes, who pass constitutional amendments to further limit the power of government, who install justices who only care about the text of the constitution.

We’ll simply have the government we deserve.

See, God created man in his own image. He gave us dominion over ourselves and the earth we live on. He stepped away, with his ultimate rule being, “It’s up to you now.” We are the ones in charge, not a handful of people. We are the ones who determine our fate and who choose how to live our lives each day.  We can choose to look to false gods, pieces of paper, arbitrary groups, or the ballot box, or we can choose to look to the true God, and trust that the power to rule ultimately rests with the thing he said it rests in: the hands and minds and voices of every living person on this planet.

Empower yourself. Look at the world as the master and commander of your own fate. So what if our government is unjust and inequal? Do you think mankind did perfectly fine under tyranny in the past? Didn’t people live and breath and work and worship while their rulers violated their rights? Stand up, count yourself as free despite the things around you, empower those around you. Teach them the true doctrine of the true God, that we are free and man is lord over all the earth by divine birthright through Adam, that we are not animals or slaves or anything less than mirrors of the God of the universe. Teach them about natural law, God’s laws, laws that apply equally and eternally to all, and the justice of the laws, and the injustice of man’s laws. Teach them to crave a government where men’s rights are the aim and goal of every action, not because of the benevolence of its actors but because the power ultimately rests in the hands of the people. See what effect this will have.

That is our fight. Yes, campaign, and vote, and get your friends to vote, but don’t put your hopes in the arm of flesh.


2 Responses to “How to Fundamentally Transform Government”

  1. TJ White Says:

    I agree with part of what you’re saying here. In concept, anyway. The problem is, though, that, from a national standpoint, the battle is already lost.

    It is no longer feasible to turn this nation, in whole, back to what the founders envisioned. There is no mechanism by which to educate people to do so.

    We are where we are because communism chose to attack us through our institutions of trust. Our schools. Our media. Our courts.

    Voting to correct it? That would require having somebody to vote FOR that actually shares the beliefs of the founders.

    In this particular election, we had three choices going for the Republican nomination that came relatively close. One was refused entry into the race and chose to run as a Libertarian. The other two held on for a while but were sabotaged by a combination of party power and their own personal demons.

    The sooner you wake up and realize that the Republican party WANTED to lose the last election and WANT to lose this one as well, the better off you’ll be.

    Romney is going to lose. He was chosen for that specific reason.

    No. The days of what you’re talking about within the context of the United States are done.


    No nation has EVER stopped it’s slide into tyranny and communism once it’s begun. There is no value in believing that we are somehow different.

    Our last best hope to slow the skid ended with a chief justice that said the constitution is dead. You’re on you’re own.

    Freedom will come again.

    If we’re lucky and God decides to take mercy on our undeserving souls, it will begin soon in a peaceful manner with states like Alaska and Texas deciding to succeed from the union.

    If not? Then it will come again, somewhere down the road. In a manner more reminiscent to the way we came by it to begin with.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Hey, my ideal candidate doesn’t exist either. Romney still makes me cringe sometimes.

      Think of what almost happened this year, and compare it with previous years. We are moving in the right direction.

      From here on out, Romney is going to represent the extreme left. No on would dare run a candidate to the left of him. The discussion today, the discussion amongst people that vote and people that matter, is how quickly do we reduce the role of government, and which person is conservative enough?

      In 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2020, we’re going to see the discourse move even move even more to the right. Imagine people campaigning to the right of Ron Paul, and a Ron Paul-type person as representing the moderate right? That’s what’s happening. The democrats, if they remain as a viable party, will put forward someone like Chris Christie or Jon Huntsman as their candidate. Why do I say this? Look at what was acceptable in 2000: George W. Bush. Now we have Romney, who is clearly to the right of Bush, and he’s borderline unacceptable to the party and to the nation.

      Our job is to continue to pull the Republican Part forward from the right. We must find and support the right-most sensible candidate in the primaries. We must shift the dialog from right vs. left to right vs. extreme right.

      You know, I don’t even like that word “right”. It’s not right vs. left. It’s up toward liberty and down towards slavery.

      Let us take it upon ourselves to pull the Republican Party up. That’s what the people really want: a candidate who will go to government, kick it to the ground, spit on it, and tell it to keep its greedy, fat fingers out of the people’s business, then stomp on its head. And whenever government reaches out, they will slap it back a thousand times for over stepping its bounds.

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