More On Mormons and Blacks


I had a chance to listen to Rev. Wayne Perryman talk about his ideas of what the Republicans need to do. I now understand something I didn’t understand before, but should’ve. The wall between the black community and my community is built from both sides. Just because I’m ready to tear down the wall, doesn’t mean that the other side is, nor that I’m doing a good job at knocking those bricks down. So I’ll do the best I can, and I ask for patience and understanding.

So let me try to summarize my thoughts on Blacks and the Priesthood in the Mormon church.

First, no Mormon was ever taught that blacks would not rise to greet Jesus during his Second Coming. In fact, we teach millions and billions of blacks who lived and died without ever hearing a word about Jesus Christ will not only be able to learn about him and accept him as the Savior, but will actually rise to live with Him in the eternities. Many of these will receive the highest possible degree of salvation, and be invited to sit on the throne of God along with Christ and all the saints who ever lived. No other church I know of teaches anything like this.

Second, we teach that there are a variety of curses on a variety of people throughout the earth. We teach that the members of our church are cursed, and we have a sore cursing that will damn us to hell while it will justify you and your community, if we do not act in obedience to God in all things. In other words, the blacks were cursed, the Jews were cursed, the Gentiles were cursed, the Whites and Asians and Indians and Mormons and Non-Mormons and every group you can imagine are all cursed. Everyone has to approach the Savior and get freed from whatever curse they were born with. This cursing started a long time ago, when Adam and Eve ate the fruit. Whether your curse is different than mine is hardly important.

Third, I plead ignorance. I simply don’t know everything about God. He’s a mystery to me. Sometimes I scratch my head and go, “What were you thinking, God?” However, and this is the key point, I never, ever suppose I am smarter than God. I know one day we’ll all be told everything, and every single one of us will kneel and praise him for his justice, mercy, and unending love. I trust in God, not my understanding.

Meaning, quite frankly, I don’t really know why your skin is black and mine is not. Frankly, I don’t care. Even if it was because of something someone did a long time ago, it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change anything. I have to find Jesus. You have to find Jesus. We all have to come to Jesus. Even though our skin is a different color, and you grew up differently than I did, we have to learn to be one in Christ, otherwise, he will reject both of us.

Our church used to teach some things about what the black skin meant, but to be honest, I don’t think they really understood what they were talking about, or maybe we’re not understanding what they were really trying to say. I just really don’t know. Frankly, if this is what you’re hung up on, then you’re missing the elephant in the room, because as long as we’re living on earth, people are always going to make mistakes. If you let other people’s weaknesses keep you from Christ, hoo boy. Talk about a poor excuse.

Fourth, and this is important. I want you to know that when I read the Book of Mormon’s Title Page, I see it is written not for the white Nephites, but for the Lamanites who had the curse of dark skin. I read it is written for them, so that they can blossom as the rose and be ready when Jesus comes, representing Israel. I read that the entire Book of Mormon was written for all of us in our day. There are some pretty crazy stories in there, but I can tell you this: The Lord makes it clear that if you think someone isn’t going to be in heaven because they have dark skin, you’re going to be surprised at judgment day, because the racists will be the ones going to hell. The Lord simply does not tolerate people who think they are better than others, no matter what they think it is that makes them better. He wants those who have been blessed with something to go out and share it, and lift people, not condemn them. So even if the worst possible scenario exists, it doesn’t change what the Lord has told me to do in relation to the black people. I am supposed to love you and serve you and do all I can to make sure everyone of you and your family and community come to know Jesus and accept his sacrifice and prepare yourselves for the Second Coming.

I think this is what Mitt Romney meant when he talked about if you could see into his heart. I feel something similar. I can’t stand the idea that when Jesus comes anyone at all, I don’t care what their skin color is or where they lived or how poor or rich they are, shouldn’t be caught up to greet him. I am working my butt off trying to get as many people as possible to wash themselves clean and take upon themselves the mission of Christ so they can go out and save as many souls as possible.


2 Responses to “More On Mormons and Blacks”

  1. lovedintothelight Says:

    This article was apparently written by a Mormon. The smooth talk of how we were all cursed, even the whites does not show the actual discrimination that took place denying the blacks the right to be sealed and hold the priesthood. Mormons would like to forget their founding prophets were racist.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      How can you call the leaders of the Mormon Church racist? Honestly, at a time when the vast majority of the United States felt they were sub-human, the Mormons preached that they were children of the same God that gave birth to every race of man, and were entitled to all the blessings any other race of many would ever receive. Nauvoo was part of the underground railroad. One of the reasons Governor Boggs eventually issued the extermination order was because Mormons were anti-slavery and Missouri didn’t want that to change.

      Joseph Smith gave his own bed, his own money to help escaped slaves in the 1840’s. When a young black man was thrown in jail and fined for public drunkenness, he gave him work and took him under his wing. When runaway slaves showed up at his home with bleeding feet, his wife and he washed their feet, bound them up, and laid them in their own beds until they were healed, and treated them as sisters or daughters.

      You know what Abraham Lincoln was doing around this time? Putting down any notion that he thought the black race was equal to the white, and supporting the idea that blacks should never marry whites because God forbade it. We have never believed that interracial marriages were forbidden or invalid, only that in joining the two families, you join their curses and perhaps surrender some blessings.

      We do NOT believe, NOR HAVE WE EVER BELIEVED, that blacks (alongside every other race of man) would not receive the priesthood and be sealed to their families. In fact, we preached openly and freely that ALL the blacks must be given the priesthood and sealed to their families, or the Mormon church would be utterly destroyed at the Second Coming. We have ALWAYS understood that whatever temporary restrictions there were would eventually be lifted.

      The story in the Book of Mormon that people forget is that ultimately, the Lamanites were freed from their curse because of their belief in Christ. We accept, WARMLY, all who accept Christ, no matter their skin color, and consider them to be just as “white” as any other believer of Christ.

      And yes, we are all cursed, with a sore curse that means we all must die and suffer horribly while on this earth. We are cursed to be fallen, cut off from God. The race of man, black, white, whatever, is all cursed because Adam and Eve partook of that fruit long ago. Whatever other cursing is incidental to this ultimate cursing. But like the ultimate curse, it was overcome, and will be revoked, just as the Savior promised. I will never stop telling people that blacks, whites, Asians, whatever, all people are cursed, and that their curse can only be undone through Christ.

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