The US Made Cuba Poor?!?


Cuba received their first shipment in a long time from the US: humanitarian goods.

Liberals point to Cuba and say, “It’s not a failure of communism. It’s because the US cut them off!”

This is horrible reasoning, not that liberals are strong in reasoning. It’s horrible because it you built a wall between two people, and one person thrives while the other dies, what does that tell you about the relationship between the two people?

It’s rather obvious that the US has been an economic producer, while Cuba has been an economic consumer for the past 50 years.

That brings me to another point. People whine that the US consumes the vast majority of the resources in the world. This sounds terrible! It sounds like we’re stealing food and clothing from other people! The truth is rather more simple: America outproduces everyone else, and so we simply have more stuff than anyone else because we make more stuff.

It’s like you walk into a village, and you see one guy has all the iron tools in his shed. You wouldn’t think it’s because he’s hoarding them. No, you’d probably assume he’s the blacksmith, and he has all those tools because he made them himself.

Anyway, the thing that brought Cuba down wasn’t America. It was a murderous communist regime that vilified wealth and property, kind of like the president we have today. Remember that next time he attacks the rich: We would be like Cuba if it weren’t for the fact that the rich are just as welcome in our country as the poor.


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