Atheism is the Worst Religion Imaginable


Of all political systems, Churchill once joked, Democracy is the worst, save for all the others. I have come to the conclusion that of all religions, Atheism is the worst, including all the others.

Atheism begins with the idea that we can know for sure that there is no supernatural power above our own. This is laughable, of course, one, because it claims to know that a thing does not exist without first knowing all that does exist, and two, because even if you knew every natural thing, you could still not prove the supernatural, that which exists beyond our natural senses, does not exist.

Atheism begins with the assumption that logic is the first thing. It continues by preaching that logic is all that is needed, and faith and belief are obsolete, along with hope and all other virtues derived from them.

Then it proceeds to preach its gospel without any semblance of logic at all.

With no logical foundation for morality, Atheists still persist in using words like “good” and “bad”, “should” and “should not”. I would someone who would join Atheism, just as any other religion, would first ask, “What is good?” Or rather, “What should I do?”

The Atheist answer is the most pathetic of all. The logically obvious answer is, “It doesn’t matter what you do. You will die and disappear. So do whatever you want to.” This is the thought that I think most Atheists have.

Of course, the above is simply a recipe for disaster. Moral relativity means what is good for one is not good for all, and so you end up with people who think it’s a good idea to dress up as the Joker and murder people in a theater. So we can’t have that kind of ideology, because it’s simply not good. (Note the logical contradiction here, or rather, the lack of any logic whatsoever in such a statement.)

So Atheists have to borrow their morals from some other system. The prime candidate is the most superior religious system the world has ever seen, the Christian religion. After all, it’s the religion that gave us modern science and unprecedented wealth that was simply unimaginable even 50 years ago. You reap the benefits that Christianity has sown every time you enjoy one of the many rights and freedoms that Christianity bestows upon all mankind, so you might as well borrow their moral code as well?

Of course, the Christian religion comes with baggage. We do not selflessly act in Christianity. We selfishly pursue our self-interest by serving the poor and needy among us. Indeed, Christ himself proclaimed that no one can enter heaven simply by professing Christ’s name, but that we need to do unto the least of us as we would do to him.

Rather than taking the whole kit and kaboodle, Atheists treat Christianity like a buffet line. How they choose which bits to take and which to leave behind is beyond me. Apparently, chastity isn’t any good, but service is. Apparently, tithing isn’t any good but stewardship is.

I scratch my head at the logical inconsistencies one must embrace to be an Atheist. I laugh inside when Atheists violate their own sacred law of logic to preach and argue in the public square. In the end, I pity them as little children. They are simply too immature to really think about what logic really is, and to learn how to apply it in one’s life.

A comment on comments: Just like I wouldn’t tolerate a Christian defending his faith in un-Christian ways, I won’t tolerate Atheists trying to defend their faith in illogical ways. Make your point, but avoid ALL logical fallacies. It may help if you label your assumptions and reasoning clearly. If you feel the urge to call me names, then you simply can’t be an Atheist.


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  1. the warrioress Says:

    This is kind of amusing… satirical, right? I get where you’re coming from, though I am friends with some atheists and enjoy their blogs as well. I especially enjoy the more laid back, thoughtful, friendly atheists as opposed to the more militant, angry types.

  2. Jack's Smirking Revenge Says:

    I am quite impressed. I am atheist myself, yet respect the faith of others as I believe that the existence or nonexistence of a god or gods is beyond us. Just as religion fails to present tangible proof beyond doubt to defend the existence of god to non-believers, atheists are equally unable to disprove that existence. I have faith in my position, but despite the absence of religion or gods in my belief structure, it is a faith in my beliefs which drives my actions. To those who believe in a god or gods, that is a liberty which should never be questioned or infringed by anyone with differing views. We all encounter opportunities in life to defend our beliefs and challenge those with differing views, but without concrete evidence to refute either position, we present little more than personal, biased opinions. And thank gods for that diversity and liberty to make those individual choices. The logical fallacy is that either position can be wrong or right without evidence.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      You’re an agnostic if you can’t definitively state that no gods exist.

      The logical fallacy isn’t present in other religions. For instance, in the Christian faith, Christ is the living definition of good, humans are not good, not even Christians, and all fall short. But through faith, repentance, etc, one can become good. So the fact that a Christian doesn’t live up to his faith is a testament to his faith, not a contradiction.

      The fact that an Atheist, how claims the primacy of logic, exercises any illogic, is wholly contradictory to their religion. The fact that none of the tenets of Atheism are even logical is a walking contradiction.

  3. Mr. Kline Says:

    Your post is the tired combination of being annoyed at what we (atheists) actually say (we think certain things should be encouraged and others avoided and we use certain words, like good or bad to describe these) and then demanding that “logic” should force us to say things you would like us to say–“The logically obvious answer is, ‘It doesn’t matter what you do. You will die and disappear. So do whatever you want to.'”

    Atheists come in many shapes and sizes. Some believe in objective values and some are subjectivist (A tip: a set of rules and guidelines–the bible for example–along with centuries of tradition has an objective existence, i.e. the Bible and certain traditions do actually exist. That is not the same as saying that this set of rules and traditions constitutes a philosophically coherent basis for objective morality.) But even if some atheist decided to chuck all tradition and do whatever they wanted, why am I somehow required to let them do whatever they want? I will grant you one point: Religion does have the advantage that they have spent countless eons training people to confuse blind obedience to a set of rules with being “good”. Atheists don’t have that. You can convince people to do X by convincing them that you know what God wants. I have to do it the old fashioned way, by providing a good reason for you to do X.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      You’re not even addressing my arguments, but inventing something I did not say.

      You’re free to engage me logically. Pouting because you can’t think straight isn’t logic.

      Now, let me help you. You’ve taken some time to respond, perhaps you will take some more time to be logical in your response.

      First, is my assumption that the fundamental principle of Atheism is logic wrong?

      Second, how can you logically prove there is no God or gods?

      Third, how can you logically prove good or evil, which are fundamental concepts in every religion? If it helps, “good” is what people should do, and “evil” is what they should not do. (If you’re thinking logically, I simply restated the problem.)

      If you’re still not clear on the concept, then allow me to share with you how monotheists define good: Good is God’s preference. (Polytheists obviously have a problem I cannot resolve: which god is most important?) When we do what God wants, it is good. When we do something else, it is evil. Hence, the fundamental requirement for free will before any good or evil can even exist. Obviously, monotheists require some method of understanding what God’s will is and is not, otherwise they are no better than ignoramuses.

      Without any logical basis for your testament that there is no God or gods, and without any logical foundation for good and evil, you have effectively created a religion of nothing. It’s not Atheism anymore, it’s simply ignorance.

      Or perhaps you’re one of those Atheists who don’t care one whit about logic. If so, be honest about it, and stop claiming mental superiority.

  4. Mr. Kline Says:

    (Oh, but i did address your arguments? pouting about it doesn’t change that.)

    No, the fundamental principle of atheismIs not logic. It is that there is no evidence that god exists.

    I can’t logically prove god does or does not exist (or bears, for that matter). Do you even know what logic entails?

    You cannot logically prove good or evil, in the sense you seem to mean. You are the one that seems to be hung up on logic, not me or any atheists I know. Are you confusing having a rational basis with a logical basis?

    As for your definition of good, that being what god prefers, you are acknowledging that ethics is subjective, in this case in reference to god’s subjevtive preferences.

    BTW, I don’t need a logical basis for my beliefs. I do prefer a rational basis and one based on evidence. Logic is a part of rationallity not the whole shebang.

    You do realize that one can care one whit for logic without making it a religion or without pretending it can do more than it really can.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I am intrigued. Can you elucidate me on this idea that the rational and logical are not the same thing? You may want to begin with a definition of “rational” and “logical”.

      Proving something exists is trivial. All you have to do is find it. I have found God. He answered my prayers. Why do you not seek Him when he is more than ready to reveal himself to you?

      I think you’re confusing subjective vs. objective again. Since there is only one God, what he wants cannot be subjective. He gets to set all the rules, so whatever he wants is, by definition, objective.

      Thank you for admitting that Atheism is inherently illogical. I shall remind all my reasonable friends of this critical fact every opportunity I get. Meanwhile, I shall expound on how logical Christianity is, and how scientific and reproducible its results are.

      Atheism is anti-science, Christianity is the foundation of science.

      • A Proud Athiest Says:

        Creationism is anti-science. Although at a single time everyone believed in a single god, now less people are. Why? They’re going towards science. Atheism isn’t just built on logic. It’s also built on science and evidence. This explains why most atheists are scientists, or smart in general. Not saying people of other religions aren’t smart.

        If there’s any religion that’s illogical, it’s Christianity. A humanoid god created everything, but in that logic, if he created everything, he can’t be made of anything. When we die, if we’re an ok Christian, we go to Heaven. (about 15% of the world) Even if you learn to treat cancer, and you are a Jew, you will spend the rest of your life tortured in a place which we can’t see and probably doesn’t exist. Because God loves us. Did I mention Jesus?

        We atheists are hated for things we don’t do. We come up with our own moral beliefs. And you think more atheists would be in jail because they can do anything you want, you’re wrong. Athiests, as about 5% of the world, make up 0.1% of prisoners. We didn’t take some of your beliefs. We made our own. And look where that got us.

        Are we actually the worst religion?

      • Jonathan Gardner Says:

        Yes, because your “religion” has no logic at the foundation. It has nothing.

        Our Christian God is logical and reasonable. “Come now, let us reason together,” He invites in his revelation to Isaiah. Jesus sat and reasoned with his intellectual opponents. Even in their angriest moments, he took time to explain why and how and more than they ever deserved to hear.

        Our Christian God created the universe, and invites us to understand his creation.

        With Atheist, or rather, materialism, there is nothing, no logic, no reason, just stuff happens randomly. When God creates, the natural question is, “Why?” When random chance happens, there is no reason, nothing to ponder, nothing to understand.

        There is a reason why modern science wasn’t invented by atheists, why it is struggling today. It takes devout Christians who truly want to challenge God and his logic and reasons to push science forward, who have the faith to trust that no matter what they see it will be the mind and will of God, who are willing to accept the fact that no man can compare to the wisdom of God. But what do we see now that Atheism dominates “science”? We see the cults of climate change and evolution, where there is no dissent tolerated, let alone questions to the fundamental gospels of nihilism and materialism.

  5. Robert S. Says:

    So Santa Claus MIGHT exist? Are you agnostic on the subject of Santa?

  6. tensor Says:

    Instead of just making up a whole bunch of stuff and attributing it to atheism, why not do some research? Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are international best-selling authors with their own web sites, so you would not have to go far, after all.

    Of course, defining atheism in the way you have here, as someone who says, “I believe no god exists,” leaves you with almost no one with whom to argue. Dawkins, in “The God Delusion,” mentions this; and every atheist I have ever met simply cites the lack of evidence for a god, not a claim that no god exists. As Dawkins notes, “Atheists do not have faith, and reason alone could not propel one to the conclusion that something definitely does not exist.” As I’ve put it already, the claim, “I believe that N god(s) exist,” is a statement of faith, no matter what value one assigns to N. Dawkins, Harris, and every other atheist I’ve met simply don’t make such a statement.

    “When we do what God wants, it is good.”

    Over the centuries, Christians have interpreted “what God wants” as the following, admittedly an incomplete list:

    — burning the Library of Alexandria, and killing the Librarian, Hypatia;

    — burning astronomers for claiming the earth moves through space;

    — doing nothing as other Christians killed Jews;

    If you want to claim that any other religion is worse than that, you have much more work to do than what you’ve shown here. For example, you could show evidence that the recent massacre in Colorado had any atheistic influence to it:

    “…so you end up with people who think it’s a good idea to dress up as the Joker and murder people in a theater.”

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      (1) I’m not arguing with Dawkins. I’m arguing with ignorant atheists who are too stupid to realize how absurd their ideas are, and yet pretend to be morally superior to anyone who has any conflicting ideas to their own.

      I could take Dawkins on, but it has little relevance to popular Atheism.

      (2) I’m glad you’re intelligent enough to realize how absurd “there is no god” is. The statement you wish to make, and your version of Dawkings et al makes, is that “I make no statement about god”. Well, what foolishness is this! This is like a crank arguing with a physicist by saying, “I make no statement about mass!” when he clearly spends all his time talking about it.

      (3) I’m glad you’ve appended the “Christians have interpreted” clause. Yes, Christians, you see, are not God. Christians have been wrong in the past, are wrong today, and will be wrong in the future. I say this including myself in the group I just described. I was wrong in the past, am wrong today, and will be wrong in the future.

      But you’ll note that the relative goodness of badness of Christians has little to do with the Christian faith. At least I hope you will. If you judge the design of an automobile by its failed parts, you would be a poor judge indeed.

      Claiming that other religions are worse than Christianity is not the subject at hand. The subject is that the Atheist religion is worst of all, which you try to disprove by claiming that Christians are worse still, because some punk killed a bunch of people in Colorado but that is not worse than burning down libraries and killing Jews!?

      No, I think you’ll have to try harder than that. I am not attacking ATHEISTS, I am attacking Atheism. You efforts are entirely misguided.

  7. Luciyan Says:

    But unfortunately according to your logic any claim like the invisible unicorns that live on Mars and drink whiskey isn’t a stupid assertion because YOU CAN’T PROVE OTHERWISE!
    “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

    I believe you reckon without God, anything is permitted’ and that morality is impossible without God?

    Nothing can be far from the truth!

    A person (usually religious) think that there is no reason whatsoever to be moral without the promise of heaven in the next life or the threat of hell fire.
    Is that the end of morality or the end of civilized behaviour, infact is that real morality? No real morality, cannot be mere obedience: for a person to be morally responsible, they must be able to reason out their choices and decide for themselves.
    Again a person whose only source of morality is the threat of eternal punishment or the promise of reward is infact not a moral person.

    Morality is more than possible without God, it is entirely independent of him. Thus atheists are not only more than capable of leading moral lives, they may even be able to lead more moral lives than religious believers who confuse divine law and punishment with right and wrong.

    Atheists want a civilized society to live in, and don’t need to be forced into civility. The religious want to score brownie points with their mythical “god” and would behave like sociopaths if not for the threat of “hell”.

    Religion creates extremes even Christianity has an extreme, same with EVERY religion. Is this good? Is blowing yourself up in the name of Allah good? Is brainwashing children to thinking they are in “God’s Army” Good?

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      See! You agree with me. Atheism is as absurd as claiming that invisible unicorns drink whiskey on Mars.

      I reckon that without God, nothing exists. Morality is independent of creation.

      You claim you can define morality without God. I ask you to show me. So far, all you’ve claimed is that I am wrong, without a point of evidence that disproves me. Instead, you substitute your own morality and claim it is better, without saying what it is.

      Show me.

  8. Paul Says:

    Being an atheist simply means to not believe in gods/a god and to not worship a god.

    This is the exact opposite of being religious.

    Religious people think that religion is a good thing, right?
    Then why do they try to discredit atheism by constructing the idea that atheism is a religion ?

    If your article was based on facts, I would be neither a theist nor an atheist – so….what am I ?!? xD

    I am german, by the way. Most people here are atheists, so most people don´t care about religion and never talk about it.
    That´s why I assume that atheists have to suffer so much ridicule that they start to organize more and more.

    An event like the “reason rally” would never happen in germany.
    Why ? Because most of us are atheists^^

    Kind regards,

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I thought Atheists stood for logic and reason. Tell me your logic and reasoning behind not believing in any god? Otherwise, tell me why you think logic and reason are not important?

      Your assertions that since most of the people around you are Atheist you don’t have to justify it is a logical fallacy. Argumentum ad populum.

      If your position is that you refuse to accept God, or refuse to think about God, we have a word for that: Ignorant. You do not know, and refuse to know.

      Please label yourself and your countrymen appropriately from now on. You are all ignorant. The noun is “ignoramus.”

      Using logic and reason, we have achieved great freedom and prosperity for all. Without logic and reason, we will be back to where we were in the Dark Ages. You don’t think that’s a good idea, do you? So please, use logic and reason to elevate your mind above the animal.

  9. Atheists Horribly Misinformed (No Surprise) « Federal Way Conservative Says:

    […] As I posted earlier, if there is a faith that is chock full of contradiction and misinformation, it is the Atheist one. Here they are showing their ignorance, almost proudly. […]

  10. Moore's Student Says:

    Every religion on this planet is corrupt and Christianity is not an exception. An honest religion should uphold values, not change it’s opinions to avoid losing followers. I can respect the view that “a man can’t serve The Lord and money,” but not when the Vatican decides it’s in the best interest of the church for its followers to have more money to donate.

  11. Jake Says:

    On the argument that you cant have morality without god. I do have a alternative explanation and that is without morality, our species would probably be doomed.

    Think about it. If all humans did was kill each other and do whatever we wanted without feeling bad about it, we would probably be extinct.

  12. Hello Says:

    Going back to earlier arguements about moral code, scientists have proven that being nice(e.g opening a door for someone) makes yourself feel good. Take what you will from this. It could be that humans naturally have a moral code, or God is rewarding them for being nice, but even if we didn’t have a religion humans would most likely have a moral code even if just for that reason. I believe that some sort of higher being MIGHT exist, but why waste money/time studying the higher being when instead you could be building/ donating to a homeless shelter, for example.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I agree; there is a moral code hardwired into our essence, or that is drawn from an external source. Either way, it exists, it is real, and we had better study it. We cannot define it or limit it without understanding.

  13. David Tremblay Says:

    Atheism or agnosticism is not a faith in nothingness, it’s an intellectual posture about a) the existence/necessity of a supreme being/beings creating the universe b) the possibility to know and prove the “existence” or necessity of such being.

    One simply cannot ask a believer to stop believing, I won’t do that and would find unfruitful.

    However stating that one must derive the moral from a higher diktat in order to have a basis for an ethical behaviour is not only wrong but is completely stupid, especially when trying to make the following statement :

    “So Atheists have to borrow their morals from some other system. The prime candidate is the most superior religious system the world has ever seen, the Christian religion. After all, it’s the religion that gave us modern science and unprecedented wealth that was simply unimaginable even 50 years ago.”

    First of all, saying christian religion is the most superior religious system in the world because of science and wealth does not take into account account that :

    a) 18th century china was the richest nation in the world at the time but was military defeated by English – christian – Empire, not economically defeated. China was at the time not christian, still not, and will become the richest nation in the world in few decades. Idem for India

    b) 13th century science leadership was muslim, not christian, because they incorporated greek math and science to their corpus. Christian had to wait after dark age to do the same with the renaissance period. Islam stop being a religion good to science after they became a consolidated empire after the fall of the eastern roman empire.

    c) Urbanism and cleanliness was far beyond what we could find in europe when spanish decided to destroy the Aztec civilisation

    d) Fascism in modern europe was/is christian, mafia is catholic same goes for authoritarian south american regimes and drug dealers, Ugandan gays are killed because of their sexual orientation and the legal framework that support that receive help from american protestant churches, Hutus killing Tutsis with machetes in Rwanda were christian, Serbs raping bosnian women in Yougoslavia, Russian Christian orthodox and German protestant solder in WWII raping Catholics. Protestant and Catholic US soldiers torturing and humiliating prisonner in Guantanomo, Irak, Afghanistan and Somalia… Please explain how such a beautiful and morally superior belief system such as christianity can create people such as this ?

    e) we could probably find MANY other exemple where christian civilisation was either completely wrong, amoral or inferior.

    Relativism is not about reducing your own believe to accept other, but with enough knowledge of geography and history your believed superiority will be gone. US Americans have trouble with that, half of them have a very mediocre knowledge of the rest of the world history.

    Second, that the only moral principle that applies to atheist is relativism, this assertion is bad faith from your part. If god doesn’t exist then what is the highest principle, it’s not a purely christian principle but an humanistic one that was taken as a principle by philosophy and other non christian religion long time before christianity :

    So it means that my standard of behaviour is exactly the same as your, it’s only that we atheist and agnostic do not need to fear retribution to behave correctly.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      First, you fail to successfully distinguish atheism and agnosticism, which suggests you don’t understand that words mean specific things and would otherwise make it difficult to have a logical discussion with you.

      Regardless, I shall attempt anyway.

      The assertion that one must use a higher authority to derive morality is easily contradicted with an explanation of how it can be done. Since you have failed to do so, you cannot overturn my assertion. Instead, you asserted, using logical fallacy, that I am stupid and therefore wrong. I cannot contradict your statement that I am stupid (= ignorant) since I agree. However, I can contradict your suggestion that one’s incompetence means they cannot speak the truth.

      Your counter-examples are absurd, I’ll explain why.

      (a) The height of Chinese wealth simply doesn’t compare to the wealth we are experiencing today. Did the Chinese have magical chariots that rush even the poorest of their citizens from one corner of their empire to another? Did they communicate instantly with each other with magical boxes that fit easily into the palm of their hand? Did they have so much surplus food that their poor were distinguished by the fact that they were fatter than the rich? Did their wealthy elite spend large amounts of money to experience the joy of physical labor because they were so far removed from it that labor was a luxury?

      It cannot be argued that the reason why we are experiencing wealth that we are today, compared to any other time in history, is anything other than thanks to scientific progress in all areas, and particularly in economic ones such as Adam Smith’s contribution.

      (b) All of the science and math that came before Isaac Newton is frankly, quite pathetic. After Isaac Newton, there was an advance in the pace of discovery and such, growing in rate until the 1900’s where we have arrived at a point where we are wondering what is left to discover. We have perfected science to such a degree that we ask ourselves when the impossible will be done, not whether it can be done. We really attribute all of modern science to Isaac Newton, who was not only able to marry math and physics, but introduced new concepts in mathematics that opened up everything else.

      Yes, the muslims in the 13th Century did a lot, along with the Greeks, but honestly, the real advances in science came when we looked beyond them. Yes, they were a starting point, but today we don’t pay them much heed because they don’t really have much to say to our modern world.

      (c) The Aztecs may have had clean streets. However, around the temples, I am sure they were not so clean, unless you considered human blood to be clean. I am surprised you would hold up Aztecs as a paragon of anything, since their culture was hardly impressive and hardly survived even the smallest European influence. What notable things they had we can throw into the basket of “Let’s not do anything like that ever again.”

      (d) You honestly think that the Catholic Church encourages and supports the activities of criminals? Wow.

      (e) The basis of Christianity is that we ALL are wrong and inferior, and there is a better way, and that that way is obtainable! Of course you are going to find examples of imperfection among Christians. That is our entire basic doctrine. Humans suck, God doesn’t, but that’s ok because we can become like God if we simply listen to Christ and do what he asks. No other religion I know of has that as a foundation. All the others seem to teach that if you screw up, that’s the end there’s no hope for you. So you are either left living a lie or hoping you never make a mistake.

      Well, which doctrine is more compatible with science and modern economics? Obviously, the Christian doctrine. We tolerate mistakes. We embrace them. We try to point ourselves towards a higher way, but we accept the fact that there is going to be a lot of problems.

      You have no basis for morality in atheism. If God doesn’t exist, there is no morality. Why should one thing be preferred over another? Why life instead of death, wealth instead of poverty? Atheism cannot answer this.

      The Golden Rule is explicitly religious, at the very heart of many world religions and at the heart of Christianity. Atheists can’t cite the Golden Rule because they have no authority for it. All the other religions can, since they claim it is a rule written by God.

      I think the most despairing fact of Atheism is the illogical arguments its adherents produce. I have yet to find a clear thinker among them, someone willing to look solely at the truth and leave alone all logical fallacies. I was disappointed by your start, insulting me and invoking ad hominem, and I am disappointed with the rest of your arguments, which do little if anything to support your idea.

  14. speediejoe Says:

    Not sure I should bother entering this debate. But, what the heck. I will respond to “Jonathan Gardner”. He says:

    “First, you fail to successfully distinguish atheism and agnosticism”

    If you look at the philosophical definitions, theism/atheism deals with belief while gnosticism/agnosticism deals with knowledge. And the terms overlap. One can be an agnostic atheist. See Wikipedia entry:

    I will not attempt to pursue the arguments dealing with past cultures at this time. I will respond to some of the other points:

    “You honestly think that the Catholic Church encourages and supports the activities of criminals?”

    The memos where priests that were accused of pedophilia were simply reassigned and told not to speak to authorities is well known. After the scandal, presumably, this is changing. The current Pope has promised reform. But, that the Catholic Church actually has a very long history of hiding sex abuse of priests is well known.

    “Humans suck, God doesn’t”

    Whenever a Christian uses this type of argument, I’m reminded of this quote by Gene Roddenberry:

    “We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes”

    Yeah, yeah, I know the “free will” argument. So, if this “free will” thing is so bad that it makes EVERY HUMAN defective, that must not be a good thing. But, actually, isn’t even my own free will that made me defective, it is, allegedly, the free will of Adam and Eve that made me defective. Yeah, that makes loads of sense…

    “You have no basis for morality in atheism. If God doesn’t exist, there is no morality. Why should one thing be preferred over another? Why life instead of death, wealth instead of poverty? Atheism cannot answer this.”

    Atheism, in and of itself, doesn’t answer anything. It is simply a persons position on the existence of gods, non belief. In and of itself, atheism has nothing to do with morality or anything else.

    However, there most certainly is naturalist explanations for morality. Basically, it is an evolved trait. We evolved to desire life, it is for propagation of the species. We evolved to feel empathy for others. Cooperation helps the group to survive. Perhaps you might not find that a “comforting” source of morality. But, it is the actual and ONLY source of morality. It does NOT come from any religious book. If it did, you yourself wouldn’t know that killing and rape was wrong until you read it somewhere. But, people that have never seen the Bible know this. Thus, it does NOT come from the book.

    “I think the most despairing fact of Atheism is the illogical arguments its adherents produce. I have yet to find a clear thinker among them, someone willing to look solely at the truth and leave alone all logical fallacies”

    Here is another Wikipedia article that you may find of use. “psychological projection”:

    I’ve yet to see among Christians a clear thinker, at least in regards to the evidenced for and against their religion.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      So atheism is merely the belief that there is no God, but atheists hold out that maybe God still exists?
      “I believe pi is 3.5, but it could be something else. Nevertheless, I will simply believe it to be so!” How is that not the definition of absurdity?

      I think the reason why atheists are so adamant not to accept the obvious definition of atheism (the idea that God does not exist, literally) is because when you spell it out, it sounds so outrageously absurd on its face. And when people point that out, they try to couch there terms. “Oh no, we don’t know that God doesn’t exist, we merely believe it to be so. God could still exist!!! But we will adamantly believe that not the be the case.”

      Maybe I need to write a new article about how atheism is just a big joke, kind of like the idea that people used to believe that the earth was flat. It’s a big joke, and true atheists are only trolls.

      Your arguments about the morality of God’s plan are flawed. You are considering only part of his plan. Of course, a part of his plan, isolated, does not reflect the entirety of a plan. Kind of like criticizing someone who wants to cut down a forest without hearing him out on *why* he wants to cut down the forest. I mean, killing trees are bad, man!

      Nevertheless, to explain the other important bit of God’s plan that atheists conveniently ignore: God gave us free will. We disobeyed God, as he knew we would. We brought evil into the world, and thus, are completely separated from him. Nevertheless, God prepared a Savior for us, who, should we simply believe in him and receive him, we can overcome our sins and become like God. Having obtained the experience of evil first-hand, we can become like God, knowing good and evil, and yet, choosing good. Also, all evil that anyone suffers in the world will be repaid until everyone will acknowledge that Christ is the savior of the world.

      “Atheism has nothing to do with morality.” I’m glad you said it, and not me! “…or anything else.” Ain’t that the truth!

      “However, there most certainly is naturalist explanation for morality.” Oh, “most certainly!” I’m ready to hear it!

      “Basically, it is an evolved trait.” And you denounce us because of our fairy tales!

      Nevertheless, let’s apply some logic. Morality, you say, is an evolved trait. Fine. It has evolved because there is some benefit to it that ensures the survival of the species, fine. What then of other “evolved traits”? Are they also, by definition, good? Things like, I don’t know, “religion?” If so, then religion is good, and atheism is bad. Done in one!

      I don’t believe you can explain morality anymore than you can explain evolution. No one can. It is all myths and imaginations, inventive story telling with fancy-sounding Greek words. Oh, I forgot the best part: Scientists parading around asserting their mythology as absolute fact, and all who reject them as ignorant savages!

      Be careful with the psychological projection argument! That spear points both ways.

      In terms of logic, let’s try this on for size.

      God spoke to me, and I felt his love. Therefore, I am a witness for God and know that he exists.

      Where is the illogic there? Or are you going to question my experiences? Does any amount of your questioning change the fact that I experienced what I experienced? Where is the logic in that?

  15. browsib Says:

    You’re clearly too delusional for my comment to make any difference in your life, but I’d feel better if I tried. Here are the most incorrect statements in your post:
    1) Atheism is not a religion, rather the lack thereof.
    2) I’m an atheist, and I don’t ‘know’ that there’s no God. An atheist is just someone who THINKS there is no God; someone who doesn’t believe in one.
    3) The point of atheism isn’t logic, it’s common sense.
    4) There’s no such thing as an atheist ‘gospel’, a gospel is a religious thing. Atheism isn’t a religion.
    5) I can guarantee that if you were to ask an atheist about a moral decision, they wouldn’t say “it doesn’t matter, you will die and disappear”, they would use their own conscience instead of following someone else’s, as Christians do.
    6) People who ‘dress up as the Joker and murder people in a theatre’ don’t do so because they’re atheist, they do it because they’re mentally ill and need attention, unlike the people behind 9/11 and the Crusades.
    7) Atheists don’t and don’t have to ‘borrow their morals from some other system’ (again, there’s no atheist ‘gospel’ or code of conduct), and, if we did, I know I wouldn’t use the Christians’.
    8) Christianity has CERTAINLY NOT given us modern science.
    9) Because Christians certainly don’t ‘choose which bits to take and which to leave behind’… You all cherry-pick the Bible.
    10) You describe us as ‘immature’, yet you believe that the universe was created in a week, that women were created from a man’s rib, that we have free will because the rib-woman ate a forbidden apple – but this supposedly all-loving creator who gave us free will almost committed a world-wide genocide for not acting how he wanted, and killing people’s first-born sons and giving them plagues afterwards. Then there’s the guy that came back from the dead who could turn water into wine and cure incurable diseases – not to mention his superpower of walking on water. Oh, and bushes talk if you set them on fire.
    Also interested in what you think of all the evidence and facts that are proven that go against your religion, and the complete lack of proof that supports it.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      “You’re clearly too delusional…” And yet you’re trying to convince me?

      1) Atheism is not a religion just like 0 is not a number. A religion is a set of beliefs including…

      2) Your BELIEF that there is no God. Hooray! I’m glad that you merely believe that God doesn’t exist, but deny that you don’t know so. Does that mean you do know that God exists but you refuse to believe in Him? Then you are an anti-theist.

      3) So is common sense logical? What is common sense? Who defines it?

      4) You’re right, there is no atheist gospel. With no central figure that defines morality, there is no morality in atheism! Or rather, there is, if you consider that each atheist worships themselves and allows themselves to play the role of God, defining morality. Or (shudder) worse, they allow someone else to define morality for them, and then they just worship that other person as a god. Scary thoughts!

      5) There is no absolute morality in atheism. Hence, you need to ask them what is right and wrong. Well, really, as I was just saying, allowing someone else to determine your morality is like worshiping them as a god…

      6) You mean the attention that the loving Savior Jesus Christ would give the man? Because I am pretty sure if he felt Christ’s love he wouldn’t be murdering people in a theater.

      7) You’re right, they’re not borrowing. They’re stealing. They’re cribbing. They’re plagiarizing. Christ said, “Love one another.” Atheists say, “Hey, that’s my line!” Christ said, “Only through me can you be saved.” Atheists say, “Well, we don’t like that bit. You can keep it.”

      8) I beg to differ. Modern science developed in devout, Christian nations such as England and France. Isaac Newton was a devout Christian. It was his religious ideas that lead him to deduce the laws of motion we are familiar with today.

      9) That’s absolutely right. All christians are sinners, and can only be saved in Christ.

      10) I describe you as immature because you are incapable of understanding someone else’s belief system, and you call them names and make fun of them when you disagree with them (as you’ve so brilliantly illustrated here.) I also call you immature because you can’t use logic and reason as well as you think you can.

      I don’t need to defend my religion here. This article is all about calling out how atheism is a horrible religion. I think I’ve done my job. Pointing out how bad another religion is doesn’t excuse atheism.

  16. Edward Tarte Says:

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Atheism is not a religion just like 0 is not a number.

      If you find evidence of God, and reject atheism because of it, then you are not atheist. You are agnostic.

      If you choose to be kind and generous and loving, of what effect is it as an atheist?

      Why do you live according to a fairy tale’s moral system, picking and choosing what you want to be good and evil? Why do you think that you are free to determine right and wrong?

      There is something about not believing in a god that leads to desperate and abhorrent behavior: The lack of any moral code, the lack of any hope. Also, I look back on history and it is those people who feared God least who did the worst.

      I have been listening to you and I have yet to hear a logical argument. All you make are raw assertions. You don’t support anything you say, calling out your assumptions and the logical reasoning whereby you reach your conclusion.

      Yes, you are like a little child, reaching out for things you cannot understand, getting emotionally upset with people who are different than you and tell you some things are not good for you even though you really, really want it, supposing you know better or somehow sit at the center and have some kind of control over things like what is truly good and evil.

      And especially you call yourself an atheist when you are merely agnostic.

      If you are holding out for the hope that God will manifest himself to you, if you sincerely want to know, then you need to approach his throne the way he demands you approach it. You need to try things his way, because your way is obviously not working. That requires humility.

  17. Mark Says:

    This is all so true! Every single word! Atheists are idiots… And all-around horrible people. And I’m not surprised to see a bunch of butthurt atheist comments here; you say something that’s not 110% positive about atheists and the disease to humanity known as atheism, and scream “hatred” and “bigotry”. But they think they can insult Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. (basically, anyone who isn’t an atheist or who isn’t “anti-theist” enough) all they want. And the worst thing about it is everyone defends atheists and jumps to their rescue when even the most harmless, non-offensive joke is made about atheism. But if an atheist says that all Christians and Jews should be killed, nobody seems to care. However, if one person finally steps up and calls atheists out on the Nazi-like mindset that almost all atheists possess, atheists get all defensive and say stupid things that only further prove that fact that atheists are the most hateful bigots on the planet: “But… but… Christians and Jews really SHOULD be killed.” “How rude! I’m not being hateful, I’m telling the truth!” “I’m just disagreeing with you!” “Christians are way worse! They tell us we’re going to burn in hell! That’s SO much worse than us harassing Christians 24/7, sending them death threats, burning their churches down, and killing them for daring to disagree with us!” The “logic” of atheists never ceases to amuse me.

    They also love to twist history in their favor, claiming that every war and tragedy that has ever occurred throughout the history of the human race was caused by religion (when the truth is that only a small fraction of all the wars throughout history were caused by religion). And every time an atheist commits a disgusting crime (like the Columbine shooting or the Chapel Hill shooting earlier this year), atheists either stretch and bend and twist the truth and blame Christians, or they say, “Don’t call him an atheist! His atheism isn’t to blame! He was just a bad person!” Which is true, of course: you can’t blame an entire group of people for the actions of just one of those people. The reason why that “Not all atheists!” quote is so stupid and hypocritical, though, is because atheists love to blame all religious people based on the actions of one person or one small group of people in that religion. Take the Westburo Baptist Church, for example: a group of self-proclaimed “Christians” who act like atheists (bigoted, hateful, ignorant, intolerant, etc.). They only make up about 0.000000025% of the entire Christian religion, but every time they do something horrible, atheists jump on the Internet and vehemently accuse ALL Christians of being like them.

    That’s another thing: atheists have the upper hand when it comes to cyberbullying. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen an atheist harass and bully a Christian or a Jew off of Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube just because they were Christians and Jews, I’d have enough money to spend an entire month in Disneyland. And then, if I had a dollar for every time an atheist has sent someone death threats via the Internet, I would be able to spend an entire YEAR in Disneyland. And THEN, if I had a dollar for every time and atheist logged on Facebook and trolled a memorial page and harassed the family of the deceased person 24/7, I could BUY Disneyland.

    Atheists always get away with hatred, bigotry, ignorance, intolerance, racism, misogyny, and borderline Nazism by screaming “Help! Help! I’m being oppressed!” Why? If a non-atheist does the same thing, they just get laughed at. No one is oppressing atheists. For some twisted reason, atheism is applauded in our society, and anyone who isn’t an atheist is looked down on. If anything, atheists are the oppressors.

    Another thing that I hate about atheists is the fact that they only ever do good deeds to one-up religious people. Seriously, it’s impossible for an atheist to donate to charity or lend a helping hand in their community without bragging or gloating about it. Religious people don’t feel the need to be boastful; they do good deeds simply because it’s the right thing to do, not because it will make them look good. However, atheists love to think that religious people only do good deeds so they can have eternal rewards in the afterlife. Uh, news flash atheists: doing a good deed here and there doesn’t automatically grant you access into Heaven. Religious people know that. It’s possible to be both charitable and a horrible person. As a matter of fact, most atheists are both charitable and horrible! And the fact that atheists can’t do good deeds without bragging and showing off and going on and on about how they’re “better” than everyone else really shows what their motives truly are. It also shows who the REAL better people are (aka religious people).

    I only have one more point to make before I finally conclude my anti-atheist novel of a comment. (Sorry it’s so long. There were just so many things that needed to be said.)
    Atheists have no moral code. They think that life is meaningless and pointless, and that you can do whatever you want with no regard to anyone else. As long as it’s fun and it feels good, go for it. Don’t even bother thinking about all the consequences. Why would anyone want to be around someone like that? Contrary to what atheists believe, there are such things as right and wrong. If something you’re doing is hurting others or yourself, then it’s wrong; if something you’re doing is kind or beneficial to others or yourself, then it’s right. Atheists just have this “Eff that! I can do what I want!” attitude, and it’s incredibly sickening. They completely ignore their conscience (if they have one).

    TL;DR: Atheists suck. They’re hateful, judgmental, bigoted, intolerant, self-centered, ignorant, arrogant, hypocritical a-holes who demand respect yet never do anything to earn it. They have no morals and they can’t tolerate ideas and opinions that differ from theirs (just like democrats). (And before you ask, no I am not a Republican. I’m a Libertarian, tyvm. :3 )

    I salute you, atheists everywhere! *Sticks up middle finger*
    Goodbye! :D

  18. L Luna Says:

    I enjoyed the article. Unfortunately the atheists I have come across and befriended tend to be very stressed out, drink too much and are not quite relaxed (foot twitching, playing with their hair, etc.),l. I feel sorry for such a lost lot. I love God, am in love with God and find great comfort in the Father’s frienfship. Atheists don’t know. I pray for them to know our Father’s love and friendship
    Peace Be With all

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      They still need a friend. They can’t know Jesus except through you. Keep up the good work and never stop praying for them. One by one, they’ll come to know God’s love for themselves.

  19. Jason Gardner Says:

    I think your missing the point.

    There is clearly something bigger than us that we do not understand. This is obvious. I, nor anyone who has ever lived, understand how the universe was created. We just don’t understand.

    This, of course, is true of almost any complex system. Genetics, ecosystems, climate/weather, etc.

    Humans have always had a tendency to believe that what they know is all there is to know. Its a historical patter that is often repeated. In engineering, almost daily.

    I think people get hung up on the “Jew God” thing. Again, there are many, many, many things that we don’t understand in the universe. In fact, my bet is that we do not have the ability to understand them. But, the evidence of the Jew God existing (as opposed to Krishna or Allah, for example) just isn’t convincing.

    I have personally never heard an argument better for the existence of Jew God than “I have a feeling” or “this books says” or “how else do you explain X?” These are all very unconvincing arguments. No rational person is under any more obligation to believe stories about Jew God than they are for acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, tarot cards, palm readings, ponzi schemes, etc.

    Further, the philosophy of Jesus was simply a watered down version of the Greek and Roman ideas that were popular at the time. The “reform” of Jesus was to take the horrible old testament Jewish ideas and moderate them with, at the time, modern Roman and Greek thought. That’s pretty much why nobody follows the old testament. It was “superseded” by the better ideas of the Greeks and Romans.

    I would like to point out a contradiction. Mormon Jew God at one point in time told Joseph Smith that polygamy is the way to go. That it was an “everlasting covenant.” Yet, some years later Mormon Jew God came back and said, that multiple marriages should not happen.

    The problem is this. Apparently Jew God’s morals are pretty vague and shifty or the people interpreting it are fairly incompetent. How do we know what he wants currently? Is he back to the old testament where he commands us to “not wear a material mixed of wool and linen together?” Can we practice plural marriage again?

    Who speaks for Jew God? Islam is on the rise, maybe that is really what Jew God wants, given that it’s growing rapidly while Christianity is shrinking and in retreat?

    Atheists recognize that there are no convincing answers to these questions. It’s just a fact.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I think you missed the point entirely.

      Let’s both agree that humans cannot possibly understand the universe. Neither of us can possibly “know” (in the scientific sense) whether God is real or not, or what the true nature of God is, if he does exist after all.

      Given that fact, the question is, “What now?”

      Let’s consider the choice between “Believe there is no God” vs. “Believe there is a God”. We will not discuss the nature of this God beyond the fact that God is a superior being to any human. (“Superior” here is something subjective, meaning, there is no scientific , objective way to measure one human vs. another and thus no way to describe God at all objectively.)

      In the “I believe there is no God” realm, you have the fatalistic, cold reality that life has no purpose, it is all random, as far as intelligent life goes, we’re it, and there is no reason to believe that we can be better and there is nothing to hope for. What a terrible choice this is!

      In the “I believe there is a God” realm, you have the realization that there is something better (again, “better” is a subjective term), that there is a purpose to life, that we can hope and strive for something more than what we see before our eyes.

      That is the choice between Atheism and Theism. That is why Atheism is the worst sort of religion imaginable. It takes everything religion can and should be, and says, “Nope!”

      Regarding the true nature of God, you’re very painfully ignorant on “Jew-God”. That’s all I can say. If you think your line of reasoning is convincing, even in the slightest, it shows a gross ignorance of what I truly believe and why I believe it.

      If you haven’t heard a more convincing argument than the arguments you’ve listed, you haven’t looked very far, and it shows.

      This is the problem with atheists. Having been convinced of the superiority of their intellect (truly, an ignorant position if there ever was one), they project their own intellectual weaknesses on to the people they disagree with. “No,” the atheist thinks, “I can’t possibly be ignorant or wrong. That’s because *everyone else* is ignorant and wrong.”

      Indeed, The Dunning-Kruger Effect is very real. Having “no religion”, somehow they become an expert moreso than those who have spent their lifetimes pursuing religion.

  20. Jason Gardner Says:

    Still haven’t answered the key question….

    D&C 132:4 “For behold, I reveal unto you a new and an everlasting covenant; and if ye abide not that covenant, then are ye damned; for no one can reject this covenant and be permitted to enter into my glory.”

    So are you damned? You are not a polygamist. You don’t abide by that covenant. So, according to God you are damned, no?

    This passage is written in very clear and unambiguous language. I can’t see another way to interpret it other than by plain, common meaning.

    So, did God lie to Joseph Smith? Did Joseph Smith lie about God? Or does God change his mind willy-nilly?

    If God is capricious then how can we ever possibly know what he wants? Just trust whoever is the loudest? Whoever has the nicest shoes? Whoever uses the biggest words? How do we do it?

    How is a person of reasonable intellect supposed to know what is correct? I know Mormons make appeals to feelings (the spirit, still small voice, etc.) but we all know that feelings are about the most unreliable thing on the planet. More often wrong then right.

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