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What Our Founding Fathers Knew But Obama’s Forgotten

September 12, 2012

The political system that the Anglo-Saxons lived under worked in protecting the people’s freedom to live their lives as they saw fit. However, the invading Vikings meant that they had to, of necessity, from time to time, join together, put on their armor and bear weapons, and kill as many of the enemy as they could. We don’t talk about much what the Anglo-Saxons did with the Vikings who survived and did not make it back on the boat. They were killed. They were killed to send a message to the Vikings that they would not be forgiven. They were killed to ensure the next invasion had that many fewer enemy.

Ultimately, the system fell apart, not because of the kings that organized the armies, but the apathy of the people in forming an army and working together.

This pattern has been repeated countless times, in countless ways, in countless cultures. When the people bind together to fight invasions for the common good, they enjoy that many more years of peace. Failure to do so, allowing petty politics to get in the way, means that the necessary military force is not assembled in a timely manner, leaving the country to be enslaved.

The United States won independence from the king because he failed to protect the people. The king became the invader. So they rebelled, and decided to try their own hand at protecting themselves. They were inspired because they had already done so successfully, fighting the French and Indians in a previous war.

The United States government was reformed in 1786 not because of petty political reasons, but because it was the only way they could see to create an entity that could adequately provide for the common defense. Taxes were no longer optional. A single man was the commander in chief. A body of delegates had the power to appropriate funds to wage war. That was the real reason why we had to form the United States under the new constitution. The additional benefits, of domestic tranquility, of unifying the states into one political body, bound by free trade and commerce, was an added benefit, a benefit believed to be necessary to make the first condition exist.

Our federal government is, fundamentally, a war machine. That is why it exists. That’s why we tolerate it. When push comes to shove, we’re going to push harder, and we’re going to make sure the pushers stay down. Our federal government has been tremendously successful in that regard. There is no credible threat to our security and freedom on the planet. The next largest militaries could be wiped out in a matter of minutes or days, if we decide to do it.

We don’t have perfect security. We never will. Non-state actors can still harm us, as we saw on 9/11. So we decided to do things a little differently. No longer could we ignore the petty warlords and terrorists in God-forsaken lands. We had to use our military capabilities to “bring them to justice”, meaning, killing them.

That was the purpose of the War on Terror. Rather than waiting for them to come here, we were going to hunt them down in their own countries, and kill them, before they could step foot in our country. That way, we don’t have to watch for terrorists at home. You don’t have to watch people coming and going through the airports, and scan them for bombs. You find the threats, root them out, and eliminate them. You make THEM live in terror, rather than the other way around.

The Obama Administration started off by declaring the War on Terror over, in not so few words. Now terrorist attacks were considered “man-caused disasters”. Now we were going to try and be buddy-buddy with the terrorists. “Oh, sorry for flushing your Koran down the toilet! We won’t do it again! We swear!” The intended effect was to melt the hearts of our enemies, so that they would be our friends, and we can drink beer together in the White House garden to resolve our differences.

This has turned out to be a colossal failure. The bad guys didn’t appreciate our signs of weakness. They decided to take it to the next level. They would overthrow their governments. They would threaten our allies.

Now, and ambassador is dead. His name doesn’t matter, because he is an ambassador. It wasn’t an attack on him personally, it was an attack on me, you, all of us. It wasn’t him alone that died, it was us. Our power has been challenged.

What does our president do? He apologized. He blames us for the attacks. He says, “You guys have to tone down that freedom thing you got going there.”

You know what, Mr. President? You have completely forgotten what the federal government is for. You have sought an office of an organization you cannot even comprehend the purpose of. It’s like you’ve become the CEO of GM and decided it was now your mission to save the world instead of build cars. (Oh wait, you did that!)

The federal government is a war machine. It exists to keep the bad guys away from our people, so that we can live and work and love and die in peace. It’s there, chained by the constraints of the constitution, and by the power of the people, hanging in the shadows with weapons of unimaginable fury. When one of us is threatened, it steps forward and lays the hurt down. When a lot of us are threatened, we unleash it to break things and smash stuff and make people very unhappy with their decision to fight us.

Mr. President, you have the presidency. Use it for its purpose! Tell these people they are going to die a most horrible death! Tell them they are not worthy to run their own country, and that you plan to establish a government friendly to us, and you’re willing to kill anyone who thinks that’s a bad idea. Tell them!

Why you Can’t Have Science Without God

September 7, 2012

Let me help my readers understand a critical fact: Without God, specifically the Judeo-Christian God, science would not exist.

Why God, or rather that God? Because the God of the Bible is a God of law and order. He is the one who stretched out the heavens. He is the one who gives law to all matter within the universe. There is no randomness where God’s laws apply. The apply fully and completely in every moment of time and in every corner of the universe.

This alone is not enough. Even if animals believed in such a God, they would not develop science because they can not think like God. Only man is set a little lower than the angels. We are created in the image of God. We are promised that we can become like God if we adhere to the doctrines that God teaches. This potential to become like God includes the potential to understand the laws that govern the universe. It is the Christian faith that teaches us to reach up and pluck the fruit of understanding from the tree of life, rather than accept life as an animal, without understanding.

This still, is not enough. One more core ingredient is necessary to develop science. With the above two qualities, a sort of science can emerge, but it would be a science of revelation, dependent solely upon man’s ability to understand God’s revelation. There is no judge except God, and he has only promised to judge mankind in the final judgment.

The last and final critical ingredient is the experiment. In the experiment, we try out our ideas against the universe itself. Since we believe that God ordered the universe, since we believe Man is capable of understanding those laws, and since we believe that God is no deceiver of men, then when we interrogate reality itself, we expect to get solid, reproducible answers that do not contradict what God has done.

This is, in short, the principle of faith that Christ and the prophets taught. Take what little understanding you have, and try it out. If it is good, then it will produce good. If it is not, then it will not.

Modern science simply cannot exist without these three assumptions.

Atheists like Dawkins and Bill Nye would have you believe that starting with those three assumptions makes one stupid or uneducated. I don’t know why they have this idea, except to blame it on the great deceiver of all mankind who would sift us and bring us down to his level.

Without God, what foundation of science could there be? Why should simply staring at the heavens be enough to drive someone to begin experiments with the idea that they will be reproducible, or to apply logic and reason to the universe with the idea that it should apply? Whatever reason you come up with should explain why, in all of recorded history, modern science was not invented until Christians who had rediscovered the sacred volumes of literature we call the Bible took the reigns of scientific thought in the world.