Atheists Horribly Misinformed (No Surprise)


Atheists are launching a new media campaign against Mormons. This time, they are supposing we practice some bizarre form of segregation based on one’s sexual orientation or skin color. (link)

As I posted earlier, if there is a faith that is chock full of contradiction and misinformation, it is the Atheist one. Here they are showing their ignorance, almost proudly.

Let me defend my faith with two simple observations: The Mormon Church has always welcomed blacks, and the Mormon church has always welcomed homosexuals.

For the record, we accept anyone from any background into our faith. It is contrary to our doctrine to deny anyone access to the Lord’s blessings based on anything but their worthiness. For the dead, we don’t even care about their worthiness.

On the history of black relations with our church, I propose two points. One, that we never taught that blacks would not receive the highest levels of salvation. In fact, our religion was the first in modern history to point out that all the blacks who died without knowing Christ would have an opportunity to join all the faithful Saints in heaven. Two, Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo city was part of the underground railroad, helping runaway slaves in material ways. It doesn’t take much effort to find stories of Joseph Smith offering his own bed, his money, his property, to help black people in Nauvoo.

Joseph Smith’s ideas about the black people, that they were no different from whites, was truly radical in his time. It is still a truly radical concept for many.

As for the ban on the priesthood, when it was instituted, it was understood to be temporary, and at the same time, it would not limit any black person’s ability to progress and receive the saving ordinances and be exalted along with the whites. Similar bans on the priesthood are recorded in the Bible, such as limiting who is allowed to officiate in the temple, etc…

On the topic of homosexuality, we do not discriminate. Sexual relations outside of marriage is a sin, no matter the sexes of those involved. To those who have proclivities to violate themselves in such a way, they must follow God’s counsel to cross themselves, to learn to tame their flesh. We believe that Jesus Christ can help people overcome their sins, not just by paying the price for their sins so they need not suffer the consequences, but to change their hearts so that they no longer want to sin. Given that fact, we do not consider homosexuals to be any different from us. We are a all sinners, and all of us need that change of heart to turn us into new people, reborn through Christ, whose hearts have no desire to sin but to do what God wants all the time. In fact, we teach that the smallest sin will keep one out of heaven, along with the greatest sin. Murderers and paperclip thieves are grouped together, along with liars and adulterers and every other form of sinner.

It is apparent that this ad campaign is intended to deceive people into believing that which is not true. Is it any wonder that this deception comes from the Atheists? Here we have a “religion” whose primary deception is found in their first article of faith: God does not exist. How can they know it? The simple fact is that it is impossible to disprove the existence of something, let alone the existence of a supernatural being. That does not stop them from trying, for they assume, illogically, that the absence of evidence is evidence of absence. When confronted with this fact, they squirm and suppose a different idea altogether: That those who have personally come to know God and Christ are liars or mentally sick, even though both are easily verifiable and provably false in many cases. (Yes, some Christians are liars, and others are mentally ill. But that is certainly not true for all of them.)

This charge of discriminatory practices is hardly comparable to the charges that we have horns in our head, that we steal babies, that we steal young women, that we eat human flesh, or that we are plotting to overthrow the world’s governments. We are well familiar with blood libel, as well as the effects of it, which occasionally results in murder. We watched people come into our communities, rape and murder us, steal our property, throw us off of our land, deny us the right to vote or a fair trial, hold us indefinitely on false charges, or do all manner of vicious things, often in the name of righteousness or justice. Let the Atheists cast their lots with the mobs that tried to destroy our religion from the beginning. At least we know the end of their efforts, because we have seen it time and again.

The way we counter these charges is to live our lives honestly and without fear. Let’s tell people what we really believe. Let’s let them see into our homes and personal lives. Let’s be a light to this world as we always have been.


2 Responses to “Atheists Horribly Misinformed (No Surprise)”

  1. Andrew Han Says:

    1. What logical reason is there to consider extra-martial sex to be a sin?
    2. What logical reason is there to oppose gay marriage?
    a) Yes, gays can’t biologically reproduce. Neither can plenty of sterile straight couples that marry.
    b) You might argue that gays don’t make good parents (of which the scientific evidence is zero). Neither do straight convicted pedophiles, but did you know that they can marry?

    If the rationale behind banning gay marriage is that they make bad parents, why not just ban all bad parents from marrying?

    2. How do you defend the very explicit statements in the Book of Mormon condemning blacks, homosexuals, and drinking coffee, among other things (such as telling you to kill your neighbor if he works on a sunday, and to burn the daughters of priests alive if they are whores)?

    3. What scientific evidence is there to support your religion, keeping in mind the Principle of Parsimony?

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      (1) God said so. What do you think the definition of sin is?

      (2) What logical reasoning is there to do anything? You have to start with an assumption of morality, a right and wrong, and then you logically reason to see what is moral and what is not. Let me expose you to my complete arguments.

      ASSUMPTION: It is good to raise children under circumstances which will lead them to be educated and well-behaved, happy citizens of the nations they live in.

      OBSERVATION/ASSUMPTION: Children are best raised in a home with a loving father and mother. All other families are less than optimal to achieve the goal mentioned above. This is supported by studies which suggest the same.

      OBSERVATION/ASSUMPTION: The state has a role in the family. The reasoning is that the state exists to protect people’s rights and interests. In this case, the children’s rights and interests are at stake, and there is no one to represent them.

      CONCLUSION: The state should endow male-female couples with special privileges and recognition called “marriage” if they commit to live out the rest of their lives together and to create a home appropriate for raising children, and agree to dedicate their lives to raising those children. The state should not equivocate this particular relationship with other relationships that do not confer the same benefits to children, or else the state will no longer be protecting the interests of the children.

      Now, let’s see your hand. I bet your reasoning goes like this: “Marriage laws deny people the right to marry whomever they love if they love people of the same sex. Therefore, they needlessly discriminate and are morally wrong.” But you notice how I have exposed a valid reason for discrimination—the interests of the child? And now you are left to explain why my assumptions and logic are wrong.

      Your claim of (b) is false. There IS scientific evidence that homosexual couples do create a significant and meaningful disadvantage to children. The problem is that you’ve automatically assumed that the studies are wrong because they disagree with you.

      I DO claim that all bad parents shouldn’t marry. If you do not come into marriage with the intention of creating an optimal home to raise children, you should not do it, and the state should not endorse your relationship. Yes, I wish everyone would choose to marry, but I do not think they should if they do not want it.

      (2) the Book of Mormon does NOT condemn blacks. There is no such passage. The Book of Mormon condemns all sin, including sexual sin, but also sins such as lying and contending one with another. The Book of Mormon says nothing about coffee, and does not endorse the killing of your neighbor for working on Sunday or of burning women alive. (That would be the Bible.)

      (3) I’ve never heard of the principle of parsimony. This is my scientific evidence. I prayed to God, he answered my pray, and I am happy. What more can I ask for?

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