Principle 2: Community Violence (Government)


The Government, in my mind, is the most fearsome monster ever imagined.

To understand why, you need to understand why we have government at all, and why government should instead be called “Community Violence.”

Governments form to fight wars and rid the world of evil. We count on our government to blow up the bad guys before they blow us up. We count on them to find and catch and prosecute the criminals.

When governments turn to do harm to the people, where are the people supposed to turn for protection?

Our country started with the idea that while governments can and should protect the rights of the people, when they begin to infringe on those very rights, it should be altered or abolished. That’s what compelled the Founding Fathers to rebel against England.

Most rebellions end up with a worse government than the one they started with. France’s rebellion of the same time period is certainly a case. So our Founding Fathers thought long and hard about what kind of government would not only preserve our freedom, but be superior to the system that the English had set up.

They settled on a government with strict limitations. Community violence could be used, they wrote and explained, but only in certain cases.

Our governments of today have exceeded all reasonable bounds. We are no longer free, not when you compare our freedom with that of our ancestors. Government controls every aspect of our lives. It controls what we are free to eat or do, what kind of businesses we can run and what kinds of things we can talk about. It has been a gradual movement from freedom to the current “soft” tyranny we are experience, but we cannot deny it any longer.

What would freedom look like? Quite different than what we have.

Rather than turning to gangs, poor minorities would be starting businesses doing all sorts of things. From the minority who wants to braid hair, to the kid who wants to shine shoes, to any number of menial businesses that require no education at all to run successfully, the poor minorities could be active participants in our economy. Instead, there are roadblocks from every government agency. You’d need an advanced college degree even to start your business. Trust me, I know, I tried. I was unable to navigate the mountains of regulations. Not for lack of trying, of course.

Police forces would disappear. People would be called upon to defend their own property and lives, and each others. Gangs wouldn’t be a problem. You see, if a gangmember threatened your business, you would form an ad hoc militia with your neighbors and drive them out with the point of your guns. Despite all the movies to the contrary, life in the “Wild West” was really quite peaceful. Crime was rare.

The laws would be much different. Even schoolchildren would be able to figure out what is and is not legal. You wouldn’t need a lawyer to go to trial, except in rare cases. In fact, most issues would be settled outside of court. Our litigious society would quickly turn to self-reconciliation.

Elections would be different. Anyone could say or do anything they wanted, with any funds they wanted to use. There wouldn’t need to be any reporting of any kind, since there is no legal requirement to report the exercise of your free speech rights.

The medical system would be different. Employers probably wouldn’t offer health insurance, since you probably wouldn’t want health insurance. The costs of health care would be so low, thanks to the elimination of all regulations and taxes, that you would be able to pay out of pocket for almost any treatment. Experimental, expensive treatment would, of course, be only available to the richest among us. But as with everything in a free economy, it isn’t long before costs drop and supply increases. After all, if I were a drug company, I would rather sell a drug that $10 million people would use for $100 than 100 people would use for a $1 million.

What about crime, fraud, corruption? A free society protects itself against these  things rather easily. Normally, these types of people aggregate to institutions of power. Case in point, the global warming movement. There is absolutely no weight behind any of their absurd claims, and yet here we are. Why? Because they are working through government. If they had to instead compete in the free market of ideas, we would’ve recognized and rejected their baseless allegations immediately.

When we turn to Community Violence to provide social services, we are asking the fox to guard the henhouse. Government tends to attract people who are less than scrupulous. They have no qualms taking our money, spending it on the poor, and then claiming credit for it. The only way to eliminate this kind of abuse is to stop the practice altogether. Government should be for those people who want to hurt and kill bad guys who threaten our freedoms. Let the churches and societies care about the poor.


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