On MMR Vaccines and Autism


Apparently people still believe there is a causal link from vaccines to autism. I remain skeptical, as I do about almost everything in the medical professions.

The suggestion is that there is some massive conspiracy covering up the negative effects of vaccinations. There is some degree of truth to this: There is a conspiracy, and it involves pretty much every parent, every citizen, and the government of pretty much every country. See, we really, really hate diseases that can be prevented by vaccinations.

Now, there are some negative effects to vaccinations, and perhaps it may make sense to keep certain children from getting them. After all, you do not need a 100% vaccination rate to completely eliminate a disease. But human behavior being what it is, if you start handing out excuse slips, pretty soon everyone has one. In this case, we err on the side of vaccination, for obvious reasons.

The people driving the vaccination scare do not strike me as particularly trustworthy or mentally competent individuals. On the one hand, we have Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey and Robert Kennedy, Jr. Aside from their politics, these are hardly people who have the kind of background that give them any credibility at all in the medical profession. We are better off paying attention to people who run journals and get their papers published, as well as people who sign for prescriptions. Their overwhelming opinion is that we should all get our kids vaccinated.

The silliness really needs to end. Either you trust discredited doctors and actors, or you trust the medical industry. Or you trust yourself to make a professional judgment in a field you have hardly any understanding of at all.


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