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On the Latest Muslim Brouhaha

January 13, 2015

A group of Muslims murdered some journalists in France. Their claimed justification was that they published images that insulted their prophet.

A lot of leftists here in the US and Europe want us to self-censor. A lot of others want us to stir up hatred among the Muslim community by publishing even more insulting things.

I think we need to rethink what is most important.

First, the condition of entering into a society like France’s is that you will uphold their law. If you don’t intend to keep their laws and customs, then don’t go to France. France needs to police their own borders. It would be perfectly justifiable if they asked incoming people of the Muslim persuasion, “Will you get angry if someone publishes something that insults your religion?” and “Will you either harm or protect those who harm someone who does so?” If the answer is contrary to their ideals, then France has every right to say, “I’m sorry, you’re not allowed in our country.” If the French have reason to suspect the individual is lying, then they can ban such people outright from their country, just based on something such as the people they’ve associated with or their country of origin. If there is some legally binding method in their religion whereby they can get them to swear an oath that they will not harm nor protect those who would harm them, then they should employ it.

The United States needs similar controls. We should have a way to figure out whether someone coming in to our borders intends to keep our laws and customs or whether they intend to break it. With our borders the way they are, we have lost control completely. We have no idea who is coming in our country nor what their intentions are. The only remedy I can think of is “open, secure” borders. That is, everyone is welcome to come in to our country, provided they use legal entry points and declare their intentions upon arrival. Everyone else is not welcome and should be hunted as an enemy.

Second, I don’t believe there is any purpose to insulting Islam. I don’t like it when people make fun of my church, and I believe that the rule that Jesus laid down is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” So I go out of my way *not* to insult other people’s beliefs. If people are sensible and calm and rational, then I’ll engage in a discussion about their religion, and that may involve asking questions or making statements that may be considered offensive, but if they’re so touchy that they would react violently, I leave them alone.

We should be honest in acknowledging what Islam is and what they hold sacred, we should avoid insulting them intentionally, but of course, we shouldn’t cater to their perversions.

Third, I think justice in this case involves more than finding the people who killed the journalists and their accomplices, along with all those who tried to shelter them. Find them all, punish them with the law, but understand that you can’t play whack-a-mole and expect your citizens to live freely. Proactive work needs to be done. The French need to infiltrate the Muslim community and identify those who would resort to violence and those who would not keep their laws and kick them out of the country. If there are state or state-like actors who intend to harm their country, they should be engaging in war with them as we speak. Remember, free societies don’t declare war, but we do acknowledge war with belligerents and we should take it seriously, no matter how small they seem now. It doesn’t take much resources to kill your people in their homeland.

The War on Terror in Iraq was ingenious. An entire generation of Muslim radicals were tricked into pouring into Iraq and slaughtered. We need to keep this up. We need to create a scenario where they are much more likely to go to one of their countries and wage war, and we can fight them secure in the knowledge that we’re not fighting them at home. I think today ISIS is a great magnet for these kinds of people, and we should send the message to the Muslim youth that joining ISIS is the best path to jihad. At the same time, we should be slaughtering them by the thousands.

It’s high time we treated Muslims as human beings. As human beings, we need to explain to them what rules they need to live by, the same rules we live by. Those who follow the rules should be accepted as equals. Those who don’t need to be treated justly. Justice means executing the murderer and pursuing war when we are pursued by war until we gain peace through the submission of our aggressors.