You’re just a checkbox to the WA Democratic Party


Somehow I’ve ended up on the mailing list for the WA state democratic party. I don’t mind being one of the first to hear their latest talking points.

Recently, they sent an email where they solicited my feedback on what matters most to me. “OK,” I thought, “Maybe I can tell them what I think.” When I clicked on the link, I saw a list of checkboxes next to words like “Education” and “LGBT Issues”. There was no text form to fill in what I thought in my own words.

Isn’t that fitting? The Democratic Party has long claimed to be the part of the people, but in reality, you’re just a number to them. They’ll say whatever it takes to get you to fill in the right box come election day. But beyond that, you don’t matter.

It’s like the democrats running around claiming that “every black life matters” while ignoring the true slaughter of millions of the unborn who happen to be black, or the black-on-black crime that they completely fail to take seriously. If they cared about every black life, they would start by working to end abortion in this country and then to end street crime. But they don’t. They only care as much as it takes to get their vote each year, and since blacks overwhelmingly vote democrat each election, that means they don’t care much at all.

I can’t say much in defense of the republican party. Can you point to one thing they’ve tried to do in the past 10 years to help anyone but their own re-election campaigns? I can’t. Sure, there are a few who stand up and speak out, and occasionally they almost accomplish something, but that’s about it.

If you expect anyone in government cares about you, or that the ones that do have any power to do anything to help you, you are deceiving yourself. Government is force. It is violent and bloody oppression. Government should be kept on a short leash, a chain leash, with a choke chain that the people can yank whenever it gets out of line. The constitution used to give us that power, but now it doesn’t mean much and so we are left to be pawns in their game.


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