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Let’s Start at the Beginning

June 30, 2015

I’ve often pondered how I can help our community, our state, our country progress towards true liberty and freedom, true happiness and fulfillment. I don’t consider myself separate from others, no matter what they think of me. I see everyone as my brother and sister. I feel compelled to help them. What little resources I have I try to find the best way to spend it for their service.

I won’t recount all the things I’ve tried and all the successes and failures I’ve had. Suffice it to say, there have been successes and there have been failures. I have seen that I have been a help, but other times I have hindered. Nevertheless, I will keep on trying.

What is ailing us? We need to be careful to separate cause and effect. We can talk about all the effects, but to do so we may miss the cause. We cannot do anything about the effects anyway, if we do not discover the cause and change it. And so I’ve pondered and thought and prayed for many years to understand the cause. I think I have finally found the answer.

It is love.

We are failing as a country because we have forgotten how to love. We don’t even know what that word means anymore. In our culture, it has been transformed and perverted such that it doesn’t mean what it used to mean. I would use another word, charity, to describe the idea, but even then that has lost its original meaning and now means something that it inspired others to do, but no longer the inspiration of it.

If I were to use three words, I would call it the “love of God” or the “love of Christ”. Either way, it is the same.

Even then, how many understand the true depth and capacity of God’s love? I have barely scratched the surface, and I am continually amazed at how deep it goes. We cannot know God’s mind nor can we even feel what is in his heart to a fraction of what it truly is, but from what we do know, it is enough to give us more than what we need.

Love doesn’t begin. It is a gift. It is given. A child that shows love shows it because his parents gave it to him. If his parents didn’t give it to him, he receives it from some other source. Woe to the child that never had love, that never experienced it! How can he learn it? It cannot be done.

Love is more than a feeling. It is an action, a choice. It is a motivation to action, and the action itself, and the results of the action. Love is a lifestyle. Love encompasses all.

If we knew what that love was, and felt it and experienced it and shared it and lived it — all of our society’s problems would disappear. But how?

There is no other way to learn that love than through the examplar of God’s love, Jesus Christ. Only be studying and following Him can we hope to approach that love. There really is no other way. We cannot gain love through intellectual pursuits. We cannot gain it through shouting or fighting or meditation. We can’t gain it any way except through Him and Him alone.

And so we begin.

The first lesson in love is our very lives. The fact that we draw breath is a sign of God’s love for us. He is giving us another chance to do something good. If we have done something wrong, he tells us we can change and try again. Every moment you are alive, allow yourself to feel God’s love for you, no matter what circumstances you are in.

See, this life is a gift. From what I understand, we are here on this earth because God wants us to experience it for ourselves. He knew we would come down here and do terrible things to each other, and experience those terrible things. He knew eventually we would die. He knew this yet he sent us down here anyway. For what purpose exactly, God only knows. What little hints he has given me has been assurance enough that what we are experiencing is worth it.

What does he ask us in exchange? He tells us to enjoy the things he gave us. He asks us to learn to love each other. He asks us to keep his commandments. He asks us to trust in Him. And when we screw it all up, He asks us to turn back and try again.

Regarding his commandments, we have been lied to. We were told that these were arbitrary restrictions. But they are not. They are a sign of a loving God who cares deeply about us. Let’s say you were walking along and you saw a father strapping his child tightly with thick belts, and attaching him to some kind of rope. At first thought, you would say, “Hey! Let your child go! They deserve to run around and be free!” But a bit of context changes everything. See, the father was preparing his child to do some rock climbing. Those straps and ropes are there to protect the child, so that the child can enjoy rock climbing without the threat of harm or death. The father is binding the child and carefully because he loves his child.

Another example: We see signs along the road, and they say things like “Speed Limit”, “Falling Rocks”, “No Shoulder”, and we might think that it is quite rude to tell <i>us</i> how to drive. But in reality, those signs are there to protect us from dangerous things. We can drive across the country safely if we heed them. If we ignore just one, our lives are in peril.

God’s commandments are the same. We ignore them to our peril. We keep them and find even more freedom and liberty. But this isn’t about the commandments. This is about love.

And as I said above, if you don’t feel His love, you have no love to share.

There are those who wonder whether God exists or whether he gave those particular commandments. The answer is simple: Ask God. He tells us to seek, knock, and ask. He promises us that we will find, the door will open, and answers.

So, the first step in the rebirth of our county is not changing our government. It is finding God’s love for ourselves. Once we feel that love, then we can start rebuilding our country. Without that love, we have nothing.

Go find God’s love. Right now.

On Gay Marriage: I will not submit

June 26, 2015

Today the Supreme Court announced that the Founding Fathers had hidden Same-Sex Marriage in the constitution.

However, today I announce that the Supreme Court is stupid. This is the same court that gave us Kelo. This is the same court that said a tax is not a tax. It is the same court that said yesterday that laws cannot mean what they say.

The Supreme Court, for those who do not know, has a wonderful track record on human rights. They recognized the right of white people to own black people, despite some of the white people saying that black people could not be owned. They also decided to make that ruling in such a war as to cause the Civil War. Thanks, Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court also recognized the right of women to murder their children — as long as they are still in the womb. We are racking up a body count higher than Hitler and Stalin and Mao. How long do you think God will ignore us?

The Supreme Court has also recognized its right to trump all other branches of government and even the people. Apparently, it feels it and only it has the power to read and understand the constitution, which it feels means whatever they wish it to mean.

I state, equivocally, that marriage is ordained of God. It is a gift from Him to mankind, designed to protect the rights of us and our children, provide greater economic stability even wealth, along with all the blessings of liberty. Stable marriages erase almost all of our society’s ills. It is the foundation upon which our country was built, but now 5 men and a group of well-funded people think they know better than their ancestors. They’re reforming our country in their image, not God’s, and taking for themselves the power and authority of God.

Our insult and mockery to God and common sense, as a country, is not going to be ignored. We’re already paying the price in our broken homes and communities. It’s only going to get worse as we dive deeper into the abyss of sin and ignorance.

I wish there was something good to say about this situation, but there isn’t. We are the very people the prophets and apostles warned us about. We are the very people the saints throughout history looked forward the Lord wiping off the face of the earth with fire. They celebrated our death and destruction. We were the same as the people who made fun of Noah for building a boat. The Lord is giving us every opportunity to turn back to him, but his patience does eventually wear thin as our hearts grow harder and harder.

The clarion call has already been issued to the righteous of this generation: Come out of Babylon, touch no unclean thing, and be ye clean. All those who hear that voice, follow. Let’s take up our crosses and help each other bear them. Let’s walk the quiet path that our Lord walked, through the mocking crowds and up that hill. We offer the world our love, compassion, and service, and they spit on us and mock us for it. The world will never accept us, will never like us, because the world has always chosen evil over good. It could be no other way.

Do not hope for salvation or redemption to come from man or government. They have no power to save. Pray that God will give us the power to endure, and perhaps even to overcome.

What Government do We Have?

June 26, 2015

Yesterday’s decision that laws don’t mean what they say, and today’s decision that the Founding Fathers stealthily embedded a redefinition of marriage makes me wonder: What type of government do we have?

If someone visiting from a foreign country were to visit us and take a look around, what would they say?

We’d like to think we are a democracy. That’s not right. People don’t write laws, except for the occasional initiative. Yet we saw when the people voted to define marriage as between a man and a woman, that was denied. We are not a democracy. There is a power superior to the people.

Maybe we’re a representative democracy. People elect their representatives, and they write the laws. And yet, we see that the laws they have written mean something else.

Surely, we’re a dictatorship, then. The president sits at the head of the government and chooses which laws to keep and which to break. Except in a few cases, the president himself has had his decisions overturned.

The ultimate government in our land is not the people, not the legislatures, not the presidents and governors.

It is the Supreme Court.

We are now an oligarchy. Those 9 justices (or rather, 5) make all the decisions about what is and isn’t law, what is and isn’t a right, and have the final say on every issue.

Are you happy? Is this what you wanted to see? Because that’s what we have.

Of course, it’s been this way for a while. Hopefully now most of America realizes the truth now.What to be done? The constitution has the answer. But who has faith in that old piece of paper anyway?The truth is the power lies in the hands of the people. When the people are ready to change things again, then it will change. Until that time, we are a sleeping giant. Please have sweet dreams while the Supreme Court ignores every fundamental right and natural law on their quest for vanity.