Zo is right: Whites aren’t to blame, democrats are


Zo brings up a really good point: Liberals aren’t consistent. They talk all about giving every child a future, but abort babies, which pretty much eliminates any future the child had.

He also points out that the democrats are trying to get America to pay for the sins of their past. For instance, with slavery, the Republican Party was formed for the very purpose of abolishing it, and the Democratic Party was there for the very purpose of preserving it. The KKK was the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party, used to kill republican “carpetbaggers” and blacks alike. The Stars and Bars are a flag flown by democrats and has nothing to do with the republicans, except that republicans will defend the liberty of their enemies to say things they don’t like.

It got me to thinking about why people are even poor in this country. Why, in this land of freedom and prosperity, can’t everyone rise up from poverty into wealth? The answer lies in democrat policies.


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