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Rights are Not Wrongs

September 30, 2015

In the ancient order of things, our ancestors viewed the world through the lens of religion. Whether it was the Romans who worshiped dumb idols made of stone and fancy, or the Europeans who worshiped Christ the Savior, the end result was similar.

In a religious world view, there is another actor beyond nature and man, that of God. According to religious thought, God is the Creator, the Law-giver, the Life-giver. Some people view God’s commandments as restrictions, but honestly, if there is a God who gave us life, isn’t it clear that the laws are given to help sustain it?

The concept of a right is something founded exclusively in religion. There can be no rights without some God commanding them to be. The European Renaissance brought with it a new question of what the role of men and governments should be, and the conclusion was that everyone was given rights. What they do with them are up to them, of course, but as long as those rights were respected, all would be well.

What is a right? In our society, we think of rights as “freedoms”. Just like a particle of matter in an ideal gas are free to move one way or another, or spin about the various axes, we view our rights as a mechanical thing. That is, anything we can do is a right.

This definition of rights is entirely foreign to the word and to every understanding of rights as they were originally described. To understand, let’s think of the kings who claimed they had a right to rule over a particular patch of dirt or a group of people. What gave them that right? Was it their freedom? Did the people choose him to be their king? These ideas are contrary to how our ancestors understood them. No, what gave the king the right to rule was God. That is, God himself, they believed, gave a particular individual the right to rule God’s children. It was this force, this religious force, that kept kings in power (for who can stand up to God’s will?) but also, at the same time, limited their freedom to do as they please as king.

It was God, after all, who required an accounting from the kings for how they behaved. If God was displeased with a king, he would strike him down and put someone else in his place. But if the king reigned according to God’s will, then God would reward king and kingdom with blessings innumerable.

This sounds like a uniquely Christian concept, but we see it repeated all over the world. To the Chinese, they call it a Mandate from Heaven. To the Greeks and Romans, the right to rule was a gift of the gods. I am sure you can find this idea repeated no matter which culture you look at.

In our American culture, we tried to do away with that. We did it through sleight of hand, per se, and we were successful, at least for a short time.

The first trick was to change the “right to rule” into the “right to do certain things”. We looked at God and saw that he commanded us, as individuals, to speak our minds on certain subjects, particularly religious ones. So we saw a “right to speak”. We saw a right to move around, to preach the Word, and so we saw a right to liberty of movement. We also saw a  God who gave strict commandments regarding property ownership, so we saw a right to own property and receive profits from it. Some of our ancestors saw a right to rule slaves, it is true, but others saw that it should not be so but was contrary to how the kingdom of God should be organized.

The second trick was the responsibility associated with these rights. That is, even if you have the right to speak your mind, there are certain things you can’t say. You can’t lie under oath (that would be the bearing of false witness). You can’t deceive or cheat. You can’t let your mouth run off. So when our Founding Fathers saw the right to free speech, they knew that it had certain limits.

And so it was. That is, until something changed. Somewhere along the line, the idea of rights being connected to an all-powerful, all-seeing Judge in heaven were lost. Rights became mere freedoms. Freedoms meant we could do anything we wished, **** the consequences.

And that is how you enslave a people who think they are free. They become subjects not of God but of the devil, thrown about in his whirlwinds, ensnared by every deception and trap. And in this state, they look up to heaven and curse God and wish to die because of the miserable lives they lead.

Folks, if you are not happy, you are not free. Freedom does not lead to freedom. No, that is not how it worked, and it never was. The king who sat on his throne and did whatever he wanted quickly found out his throne was under someone else’s rear end. Yes, he might have had a right to rule, but God be judge and he is just.

We may have had, at some point, the rights we so eloquently defend. But they are with us no longer. Go ahead, and see for yourselves, and see if you are truly free or if we are closer to servitude and bondage. We are told we are free, but which one of us is free to do as he truly pleases?

The way to liberty is obedience to God. There is no other way. We have no right to do wrong. We never did. When you do wrong with your rights, they are taken away by the same Power that gave them to you. And only He can restore them.

On Social Security

September 28, 2015

One of the things I don’t hear a lot of people talking about is the fact that Social Security is already bankrupt.

First, a point of clarification. Most people seem to think that  Social Security is a sort of investment plan. The way it works, in their minds, is we give the government money, the government holds on to that money and earns a bit of return, and then we get the money back after we retire. This is certainly the way the government wishes we thought of Social Security, but it is wholly false.

Some people think that Social Security is similar to the above, except if you die too young or make too much money, Social Security keeps the rest. This is closer to the truth, but not in the way you think. Under this understanding, it becomes clear how discriminatory Social Security really is. Any other type of retirement investment would pay out the remainder to the survivors as part of the estate of the deceased. That’s only fair. If there were a retirement program that kept the remainder, we would rightly throw them in jail and expect them to pay back what they stole, because it would be theft.

The way Social Security actually works is the government takes, by force, money from workers. This, in addition to cashing in government bonds, is paid out to the survivors who collect on Social Security. If there’s not enough money, then Social Security cashes in more government bonds. The money for the bonds comes from the American Taxpayer, of course, which includes Social Security recipients nowadays. So you’re paying taxes on your Social Security so that you can collect Social Security!!

One day, Social Security will run out of government bonds. At that point, estimates are that the survivors will only collect 75% of what they were promised. I’ve been getting letters for years from the Social Security administration explaining this.

This is, in short, a plan not designed to support seniors in their retirement, but to fleece the American public. In years past, it has become a plan to fleece even those who aren’t working anymore, our retired elderly.

Social Security has served two purposes in our society. One is to enslave the American people to government. Nowadays, the thought of shutting down Social Security is met with angry violence. “How dare you make me independent of my government! It feeds and clothes me and I can’t survive without it!” This is the behavior of slaves who are bought and sold by their masters. I cannot do much to convince someone so entrapped in slavery that they are in slavery and they need to take (painful) steps to become independent again. The only good thing going for us is we need to wait a few years and they will pass on, their slavery becoming, one day, a distant memory to us. I can, however, convince people not to enter into slavery. I am certainly doing my best to prepare for retirement, and I’m counting on collecting $0.00 from the government in cash and benefits. All who have yet to retire should do the same. If you aren’t able to build up enough cash and wealth to support your retirement, then it’s time you taught your kids that the young’uns should take care of the old’uns, and you do that by taking care of your parents. If you haven’t any kids, well, what can I say? Since the beginning of time, kids have been the only sure retirement plan, and it looks like you missed the boat on that one. If it is true that human life is worth more than anything else, then it stands to reason that those who have sacrificed to bring human life into this world and raise them right have more wealth than anyone else. Don’t expect someone else’s kids to take care of you when you have not made the same sacrifice their parents have.

The second purpose of Social Security is to usher in communism and socialism. The slaves of Social Security are merely pawns in the grand scheme that is communism. You might know it by other names, but in the end, it is all the same. All the power to a  few, and the rest are mere serfs. That’s why the great desire to reform the medical system such that the government can dispatch of those who actually collect on the promises they made.

Of course, my understanding of the Middle Ages is that a serf working the land for his master had only to render a maximum of a few month’s labor to secure his own plot for himself. In today’s money, that is a far lighter tax burden than the burden we hold now. In short, we’d probably be better off as subjects to a despotic lord than “free” as we think as we are now.

We have a choice, today. We can reject the Social Security system, calling all the money we give into it a “tax” and reminding ourselves of how corrupt and evil it is. We can refuse government benefits and instead insist on building our own fortunes that will defy time and rot — our families.

Or we can pretend like communism and socialism are perfectly sound social systems, and pray our chains rest lightly on our wrists.

As for me and my house, I choose freedom and family, not slavery and government.

On Government Sanction

September 4, 2015

As you’ve probably heard, after the unlawful and illegal Supreme Court ruling hearkening back to the same logic that gave us Roe v. Wade and the Dred Scott decision, an elected official in Kentucky stood up on her personal conviction and refused to acknowledge ungodly marriage in her county. Since she didn’t want to discriminate based on people’s sexual orientation (since the Bible teaches us that we are the children of God and God is no respecter of persons), she stopped issuing marriage licenses altogether.

This morning I watched a YouTube video published by the libertarian group that outlines how corrupt people used the government to endorse practices that actually caused the deaths of good people through scams and frauds. In short, they used the good name of our government to sanction their own ideas of how to get healthy, made a lot of money in the process, and ended up killing quite a few people needlessly.

Put two and two together, and you see how the only government official that makes any sense today is that Kentucky individual who is standing on her beliefs. Yes, she might be wrong, but it would be more wrong to sanction something using the good name of the government than to not. After all, if something is good it can stand on its own without government sanction, but if something is evil it needs the good name of the government to stand at all.

Having studied history, I have come to the conclusion that all people should come to at some point in their lives. That conclusion is that people, universally, suck. We are horrible, rotten people, individually and collectively. What little faculties we have for morality and reason and logic are usually perverted.

Knowing this, the question is what should I do about it? The answer I have found that works for me is to not trust anyone, not even myself. I have to defer all of my moral decisions to someone who I know doesn’t suck, and that crosses off every individual who ever lived on this planet except One.

The best and only type of worthy government is one that acknowledges that everyone sucks. That form of government would be minimal, focused on only securing individual rights, and nothing more. The kinds of people we should appoint to that government would be the kind of people we can trust, whom we know to be less sucky than most of us, and our trust should come with an automatic expiration date, the day they swear their oath of office. Having violated that trust, they should be disqualified from ever holding any kind of government position ever again.

Those of you who think that just because the government sanctions something it must be good, think again. Good things don’t need government sanction, and don’t seek it. Evil things require it and fight endlessly to receive it.

Those of you who think that we can trust people with the awful and awesome power of government, think again. The kinds of people who want office are typically not good and decent people who we can trust with government power. Even if they were, we should still place strict and severe limits on their authority.

Let me end on a happy note. At the very least, today’s government, state and federal, is demonstrating clearly why we can’t trust government. Today’s elected officials are doing the same. Let us learn our lesson lest we have to be taught it in more forceful ways, the natural consequences of our own insanity. Let us pray that God forgives us, collectively and individually, of our sins, and shows us the right way so we can turn from them, so that he can withhold the punishment and instead return blessings upon our heads.