On Government Sanction


As you’ve probably heard, after the unlawful and illegal Supreme Court ruling hearkening back to the same logic that gave us Roe v. Wade and the Dred Scott decision, an elected official in Kentucky stood up on her personal conviction and refused to acknowledge ungodly marriage in her county. Since she didn’t want to discriminate based on people’s sexual orientation (since the Bible teaches us that we are the children of God and God is no respecter of persons), she stopped issuing marriage licenses altogether.

This morning I watched a YouTube video published by the libertarian group Reason.com that outlines how corrupt people used the government to endorse practices that actually caused the deaths of good people through scams and frauds. In short, they used the good name of our government to sanction their own ideas of how to get healthy, made a lot of money in the process, and ended up killing quite a few people needlessly.

Put two and two together, and you see how the only government official that makes any sense today is that Kentucky individual who is standing on her beliefs. Yes, she might be wrong, but it would be more wrong to sanction something using the good name of the government than to not. After all, if something is good it can stand on its own without government sanction, but if something is evil it needs the good name of the government to stand at all.

Having studied history, I have come to the conclusion that all people should come to at some point in their lives. That conclusion is that people, universally, suck. We are horrible, rotten people, individually and collectively. What little faculties we have for morality and reason and logic are usually perverted.

Knowing this, the question is what should I do about it? The answer I have found that works for me is to not trust anyone, not even myself. I have to defer all of my moral decisions to someone who I know doesn’t suck, and that crosses off every individual who ever lived on this planet except One.

The best and only type of worthy government is one that acknowledges that everyone sucks. That form of government would be minimal, focused on only securing individual rights, and nothing more. The kinds of people we should appoint to that government would be the kind of people we can trust, whom we know to be less sucky than most of us, and our trust should come with an automatic expiration date, the day they swear their oath of office. Having violated that trust, they should be disqualified from ever holding any kind of government position ever again.

Those of you who think that just because the government sanctions something it must be good, think again. Good things don’t need government sanction, and don’t seek it. Evil things require it and fight endlessly to receive it.

Those of you who think that we can trust people with the awful and awesome power of government, think again. The kinds of people who want office are typically not good and decent people who we can trust with government power. Even if they were, we should still place strict and severe limits on their authority.

Let me end on a happy note. At the very least, today’s government, state and federal, is demonstrating clearly why we can’t trust government. Today’s elected officials are doing the same. Let us learn our lesson lest we have to be taught it in more forceful ways, the natural consequences of our own insanity. Let us pray that God forgives us, collectively and individually, of our sins, and shows us the right way so we can turn from them, so that he can withhold the punishment and instead return blessings upon our heads.


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