Why Statists Don’t Want to Shut Down the Government


The fight between conservatives and statists is flaring up in congress again. The conservatives want to bring the federal government back under the control of the American people, while the statists want to see it put unborn generations of Americans in even further debt. Up until now, the fight has been favoring the conservatives.

On the subject of shutting down the government, I had the following thought.

If the government shut down, conservatives would just shrug their shoulders. We know how powerful the average American is and how truly unnecessary the vast majority of what the federal government does is. We know that if you stop paying our military and our elderly, they won’t die in the streets but will figure out a way forward without government’s help.

On the other hand, the statists have the most to fear from a government shut down. Not only do they rely on the government for all of their power and wealth, they also need to perpetuate the lie that the American people are helpless without the federal government. Should the federal government shut down and the American people find out how truly unnecessary it is, they would be forever out of a job.

That’s why the fight is the way it is. Statists like John Boehner are fighting tooth and nail to ensure the government has permission to borrow from children as yet unborn, with no end in sight. The small group of conservatives in congress are fighting to ensure that this unsustainable policy ends, and sanity returns.


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