Sacred Cow Tipping


There are certain sacred cows in our society that we seem even to forbid ourselves the thought of tipping them. I’ll start with the most inflammatory ones and move on from there. The point is in the last paragraph, not that anyone who is offended by anything I think will ever read it.

Let’s start with these. Gender is encoded in every cell of everyone’s body, and it affects how people function physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thus, there are no transgender people, only crazy people who need to be convinced that their body is not trying to tell them they are something they are not.

A healthy society requires that men and women behave certain ways. Men should behave a certain way. Women should behave a certain way. That doesn’t make men better or worse than women. In fact, those who think men “get to” behave a certain way and are thus superior to women are actually saying that men are better than women, not the other way around. A true feminist would focus their efforts in exemplifying what women are actually better at, not trying to make women into men. A true feminist would find no quarrel with a true masculinist. Both would be trying to make their sexes better. Having better men and better women is not a bad idea!

Homosexuality is an abomination and gross perversion. Our bodies are simply not built for it, and it is physically harmful. There are no benefits to it, and no one should ever engage in it. I look forward to the day when people who engage in it are rightfully labelled as sick and they can get treatment for their illness.

Speaking of sex, sexual relations are only appropriate inside the marriage bond between male and female. Everywhere else, it is a perversion and brings all sorts of problems, not the least of which is out-of-wedlock child birth, AKA **** children. Yes, it’s a word so evil that it is censored in polite society, but it is that way because it is a horrible, horrible thing that polite people don’t even like to think about. But really, if that were the only evil, it wouldn’t be so bad. Sexual relations cause certain emotions to appear, and when people violate those emotions, it hurts very deeply. This hurt goes way beyond the two individuals who violated each other, and extends across generations. A very possible reason you are sad is because you took sexual relations too lightly, and you didn’t bother to try and mate for life with one individual.

People who try to make sexual relations outside of marriage look anything but wrong are actually sick, perverted people. Think about it: grown men telling young women that it’s perfectly normal and good to have sexual relations before marriage — what would you call that? If a man told my daughter that, I’d kick him out of the house and tell everyone that he is a perverted freak who should be locked up. That is, if I could restrain myself from killing the man. And yet, when the TV or movies teach that, what is our reaction? Frankly, any TV show or movie that says it is OK to have extra-marital sexual relations is perverted and has no business being shown to anyone, let alone my family. It’s quite a different experience not being force-fed the message that sex doesn’t matter, that homosexuals are perfectly normal, etc… Cutting the cable was the best thing I have ever done.

I think it’s fairly obvious why people are so insistent that sexual liberty be preached from every corner, and sane sexual relationships be villified and mocked: It’s because they are perverted. They are sick and broken, and need professional help. We shouldn’t be elevating them to positions of honor and recognition.

I think it’s fairly obvious that these perverted freaks have lead us down a path of sorrow and broken homes, and its time we stopped listening to them. I think we can safely blame at least 90% of society’s problems on out-of-wedlock sexual relations. The remedy is to keep your pants on until you get married, and being very careful about how you approach marriage. If we’re going to get there, it’s going to be by pointing out perversions when they present themselves and demonstrating a better way with our own lives. It’s going to require we re-program our culture. It’s going to require we take back our media and stop shoving fistfuls of dollars at those who are trying to pervert us.

Here’s another sacred cow: No one owes you anything. You don’t deserve a single red cent from government or anyone else. If you want something, you have to earn it, just like everyone else. If you think you deserve something, you’re a spoiled brat, and have no business telling anyone what to do. If someone promises you something, collect as soon as possible. Government is the least reliable in fulfilling their promises, so you should ask for a check up-front rather than a lifetime pension.

And another: You owe everything you are and have to society in general and God in particular. How have you been showing gratitude for your gifts? The very fact that you can trade your goods and services with others is because society has made that possible. No one owes you anything, but you owe everyone else everything. If more people thought like this, we wouldn’t have most of our problems.

I think this is really tied to the sexual relationship bit above. I mean, those who think that because they have an animalistic urge to exercise their procreative powers entitles them to executing upon it are the same as those who claim everyone owes them something but they owe nothing. The way you treat your sexual urges says a lot about how you feel about others. Are you selfish, insistent that only your feelings matter, or do you see it is a tool that, when properly used, can bring great joy to the world? If you’re the former, you really don’t belong in polite society. If the latter, we should build statues to you.

This cow irks me a lot, but it’s low down on the priority list: You really don’t need government. If you simply lived your life the right way, thinking of others as yourself (AKA the Golden Rule), then you wouldn’t need government telling you what to do. On the other hand, people who do need government because they can’t comprehend the Golden Rule won’t be fixed by government. That is, government really isn’t the answer to anything. On the one hand, it’s unnecessary. And on the other hand, it’s insufficient. Government, at best, can only be a small part of society, and then, only if it is given its proper, subservient role to other institutions.

What other institutions? Why, the only institution that can tell a man how to think and act: churches. You need to participate in your church. I don’t mean showing up every Sunday, though that is a good start. I mean taking upon yourself a leadership role, even if that is just living the teachings of your church to the best of your ability. In your family, we need mothers and fathers who are religiously educated and capable of explaining how to live one’s life and turn lives around without using government force. Without this, we have nothing.

Speaking of religion, those who see religion as oppressive miss the entire point. Religion teaches individuals how to act so that government is unnecessary. When religious people misbehave, they need more religion, not less. If you think religions aren’t doing a good job of keeping people well-behaved, have you thought that perhaps you’re part of the problem, since you’re not actually following any of the religions? What would a society without any religion look like? What would tell someone they should do one thing versus another? What would tell them that someone is watching when no one else is? What would tell them how to change and improve themselves?

Government? Really? You want us to worship government as a god?

Speaking of misbehavior in a religious context, AKA, sin, the point of Christianity is not that we all need to be perfect. Every religion teaches that. The point of Christianity is how to reconcile the fact that we aren’t perfect with the fact that we have to be. The core of Christianity is this: It’s going to be OK. As long as we focus on the perfect being Jesus Christ, as long as we try our best to follow him (even though we usually do a pretty bad job at it), as long as we keep turning back to him, it works out. Some people focus on the inward forgiveness and reconciliation they feel in Christianity, but really, it’s all about people actually changing their behavior, not just through force of will (all religions teach that), but through the miracle of learning how to forgive each other and forgive one’s self.

So the sacred cow I’m looking at here is the one that lumps Christianity in with all the other religions, or rather, unfairly lumps any two religions together improperly. The saying goes you can’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. Christ taught that you can’t judge a man unless you judge perfectly, and only he knows how to do that, so don’t be silly.

Another sacred cow: Science is not about what we know to be true; it’s about what we know to be false. The record of science is the heap of failed theories and the experiments that disproved them. That’s where we learn not only how wrong we are as human beings but how we figured out how wrong we were. Running around telling people that science proves something or other to be true is doing a disservice to the word science. You can’t prove anything to be true with experiment; you can only prove things to be false.

The final sacred cow is that we’re living in a society where we are taught to hate people who we disagree with. This is not civility or tolerance or compassion. It is the exact opposite. We can only learn by listening to those with new ideas. New ideas are different than the ideas we already have. Knowledge comes from understanding those we disagree with.

Are there any other sacred cows I missed?


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