Going Back in Time, Looking to the Future


We’re back to the 90’s, that happy moment when Bill Clinton was in charge, reality was whatever the liberals wanted it to be, and terrorism was only a figment of our imagination, despite the growing body count. Or rather, back to the 30’s, when war with Japan and Germany was something you only thought other countries faced, because we had liberals in charge here in America.

America, I’m not going to tell you to wake up. That’s because it doesn’t work. It’s not until reality stares you in the face in such an undeniable way that you begin to act rationally and protect yourself. Seeing the Twin Towers collapse, and all those New York office workers running around in the dust, feeling the heartache of the thousands of people who lost loved ones, watching the people jump out of the windows to certain death to avoid a fiery death inside — that woke us up in September 11, 2001. Likewise, watching as our battleships burned, as they sank with sailors still inside, all the while Japan was negotiating for peace — that woke us up on December 7, 1941.

But apparently, my words and the countless words of others, along with the rising body count is not enough to wake us up yet. Sleep on, enjoy your imaginary peace. It may not be your cousin or uncle or brother or sister who is murdered by Islamic Jihadists, so what should you care?

What I am going to do is tell you what to do when you decide to wake up.

First, you will end all the surveillance and counter-terrorism efforts. Just stop. They don’t work, they never will. These programs are a trick designed to give the government more power at the expense of our rights. The bottom line is this: If we can’t trust someone so much that we have to spy on them, we might as well kill them. If we can trust them, then there’s no reason to spy on them.

Next, you will wage an all-out war against any state that endorses terrorism. Those states with regions controlled by terrorists will also be given an option: Either you let the US military in to clean up the terrorists, or you become our enemy.

Those who support us in our war-fighting are our allies. Those who do not are our enemies. And we need to show the world that you don’t want to be our enemy.

We did not choose this war. We did everything we could to prevent it. But sometimes, you don’t get to choose when you are at war. Your enemy does that for you.

The type of war you will wage will be swift and merciful. It will be merciful because it will be quick. We will not capture the enemy and interrogate them. We will kill them, by the millions, if need be. Those who insist the Geneva Convention applies to terrorists can use the Geneva Convention to wipe up the blood of our people killed by terrorists.

You will not have cameras to record the events of the war. All the public will know about is the heroes who come back in boxes, wheelchairs, or crutches. All you will know is the names of the heroes who put themselves in harm’s way to save themselves, their friends, and their country. The horrors of war will be a memory only our soldiers will bear. We, the people, will get out of the way to let them finish the job.

Any accusation of atrocity against us will be met with the stiff response: “We did not start this, but we will end it. When the enemy is ready to lay down their arms, surrender, or at the very least, put on a uniform, then we can start talking about collateral damage. Until then, we will fight until they have no more will to fight and swear an oath to God and Allah that they will never, ever harm anyone in the name of their God ever again.”

War is a sick business. Given the option, we should always choose peace. When we don’t have that option, we should choose to wage a decisive, swift war with conclusive victory. The victory conditions are we win, they die. We take all of their land, their money, their food, their guns, their bombs, their people. As a sign of their defeat, they will readily turn over all governmental operations to us, and their military leaders will come on bended knee to hand over their weapons of war. Their people will swear an oath of allegiance to us, and declare that we are the greatest country on earth. Their preachers will teach the moral superiority of our philosophy. They will do this because all of those humiliating things are preferable to fighting us for even one more second.

If we wage this war in this way, mercilessly and swiftly, you’ll find out quickly who your friends and enemies really are. Your enemies will suddenly be willing to talk more. And your friends will get your back.

We don’t need world-wide surveillance. We don’t need secret black ops to swoop in and kill the baddies. We need to wage an all-out war and wreck everything that the baddies hold dear. We need to destroy their will to fight. We need to humiliate them to the point where the only reasonable option is to farm or work in a factory. We need to tell them and the world that you don’t mess with the US. We will be your best trading partner, your dearest ally, but we will not tolerate even vague threats against the security of our people.

After this war, when entire regions of the Middle East are a smoking ruin, then we can talk about peace. Then we can begin to rebuild their countries in a way where peace can dominate. As long as there are people willing to pick up a gun and fight for Allah, however, there can be no peace between us.

Unfortunately, I doubt America will ever do this again. We started to in 2001, but we quickly lost our confidence. I don’t know that we have the moral fortitude and certainty required to wage an all-out war. If you do not know that you are absolutely in the right, you cannot do the things that need to be done in the way they need to be done. So really, America, get your moral act together, reconcile yourself with God, and get read for the coming war. Make sure that you understand that you don’t only have the ability to fight for yourself, not only the right, and not only the duty, but when you pick up arms and kill people to save innocent lives because you have exhausted every avenue of peace, God blesses you for obeying his commandments.


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