Our Best Days Are Not Behind Us


At the end of Carter’s term, America was in an emotional depression. We thought the world was ending, that America had a good run, but all good things must end. Here at the end of Obama’s second term, it seems we’re feeling the same feeling.

America, your best days are not behind you. They are right in front of you. All you have to do is choose to seize it.

I’m going to list reasons why I have great hope for the future. Perhaps you can add some of your own to the list.

  1. Thanks to the internet, conservatives have a voice. Liberal ideology is quite literally on the run, and you can tell by the increasingly irrational behavior of them. A good example of this is the backlash against feminism that is Gamergate. A group of boys and men who wanted nothing to do with politics suddenly find they have a voice and they are not scared of militant feminism, and are beginning to embrace their manhood.
  2. Thanks to the internet, we’re looking at a future when education is literally freely available to all. The only thing that keeps one from being educated nowadays is a lack of motivation. One day, we’re going to realize that all the money that government spends on education is simply unnecessary. That last bastion of socialism in our society will fall because it will become irrelevant.
  3. Liberalism spreads in fear — fear of the economy, fear of the future, fear of the enemy, fear of the “other” — rich or immigrants or whatever. Conservatism spreads with hope, hope that people, when given freedom, will choose to live rightly, and hope things will get better as long as we keep working at it. We are looking at a future where there are simply no enemies in sight, save comparatively small groups of terrorists. War with China is becoming increasingly unlikely. Russia is a minor player on the world stage, and all of their shenanigans don’t add up to much. When I was growing up, we were always thinking about the upcoming Russian and Chinese invasion. Movies like Red Dawn spoke to my generation. Today, movies like that are just plain silly. The biggest threat people fear now is the Zombie Apocalypse. When we have to turn to fantasy to find something to fear, it shows how far we have come since our founding.
  4. Although Atheists are proclaiming victory, the truth is Americans and people worldwide are rediscovering religion. The history of the world shows that things like that run in cycles. People are just as likely to move closer to religion as away, and no victory in either side is permanent. Recently, I had an experience where I realized that in my office room of 4-5 engineers, all of them were deeply devout in their own religion.
  5. Jobs are disappearing, that is true, but new opportunities are arising. For instance, YouTube is home to several hundred if not thousand successful videographers. Uber is quietly employing all of the out-of-work people who are on the margins of the economy, and they are making good money that can support their family in their communities. The only thing standing between our current state and even more employment and production is government regulation and people’s limited imagination.

America will succeed, and continue to succeed, as long as there are Americans who look to God, themselves, their families and communities before reaching out to big government. Government has no power that the people themselves do not have. It is a false god, one that promises everything but delivers less than nothing, meaning, it makes things worse rather than even maintaining the status quo. The thing about false gods, though, is people stop worshiping them.

Add you hopes for the future below.


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