If Trump Becomes President…


If Trump becomes president, not much will happen.

I am confounded, honestly, why life-long conservatives are behind Trump. My best conclusion is that they sincerely want to shake things up, and they think Trump can do it. When I point out how Trump is no conservative, they wave it off, suggesting that what’s needed more is a break to tradition.

To me, Cruz seems to be the ideal conservative, TEA party candidate. He started off as a TEA party nominee, he stayed more or less faithful throughout his term, and he has proven himself an enemy of the establishment. However, it seems he has failed in the only test that really matters: conservatives don’t like him. I don’t know why, but I’ll be honest, I don’t like him either. Sorry, Ted Cruz, you’re just not a celebrity.

What kind of president will Trump be? Perhaps we have an Andrew Jackson or a Reagan-type president. These presidents genuinely changed how business was done. They shook things up. Andrew Jackson closed down the federal bank. Ronald Reagan stopped inflation and cut taxes. Trump is probably going to do something similar.

Does Trump have the ability to manage the executive branch? No, but not one else does either. The executive branch has long ago left the control of the president. Even Reagan complained that he had no control over the state department. We have a professional bureaucracy running the executive branch. Those who have seen “Yes, minister” know what that means. The only thing that can be done is to fire the lot and replace them with new, fresh blood. The last time anything like that happened was under Eisenhower.

What kind of staff will Trump associate with? I have no doubt that Trump will take the job of president far more serious than Obama is. He will surround himself with people smarter than he is, probably the best of the best.

What about congressional relations? Here, I think Trump is going to have a huge fight with congress, the way it should be. Congress, led by Paul Ryan, will be taking issues to Trump. Trump will be a moderate. Perhaps Trump and Ryan and congress will get along famously, as Trump may delegate the responsibility of the budget and legislation to congress, the way it should be. Trump would then focus on the things that heads of state should be focused on.

The most important thing Trump will likely do is change the tone of politics in this country. Trump doesn’t see America as democrat vs. republican. He sees it as a whole bunch of failures trying to succeed. All the failures need is someone to keep the honest and motivated, and Trump can do that.

Trump will also likely change the dynamics of foreign relation. Perhaps he will open up the possibility of an actual reset in foreign relations. Will he maintain America’s strong Saudi alliance, or will he open up doors to the Iranians and others? Who knows.

Trump is a wild card, after all. That’s his schtick, and he’ll likely stick with it.


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