Our Christian Duty


Netflix released the Finger of God recently, which I watched.

Thoughts: Yes, miracles are happening in the name of Jesus. However, and the narrator points this out, miracles are not enough. We need to believe in Jesus and use his saving power in every aspect of our life, not just our physical or mental health. And that belief can only come when we feel his love, and the only way we are going to feel his love is through Christians who feel his love.

The Christian duty can thus be summed up as to Love God and Love Mankind.

Two other thoughts: (1) Repentance is not a bad word. Think of it as “Positive Change”. (2) When we have faith in Christ, that means we no longer trust ourselves. Salvation is a gift. We only choose whether to accept that gift or not. Our actions after we receive that gift either glorify God and convince others to do the same, or do something else. Choose to be good because you love Jesus.

Finally, our city, state, country, and world cannot be healed through any means available to us except Christ. Pray for everyone. Pray for your enemies and your friends. Love and serve everyone, no matter who they are. Speak the truth in love. That will fix everything.


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