Stop the Scaremongering


Watch the video below. Pay close attention to the logic and reasoning behind their arguments. Also, try to uncover the facts as far as you can see them.

Now, if you’re like pretty much any human on planet earth, you’re thinking you’ll never visit another pool. But let me try to explain how to disarm such scare tactics.

When someone presents a risk, it is important to consider it in context.

Yes, going to a pool might expose you to feces. But so does going to a public restroom. Or your own restroom. Or any other number of things. The fact is we are not as clean as we wish we were. That’s why we have an immune system. And we have found through experience that being exposed to certain pathogens makes us resilient to them. So being exposed to dirtiness isn’t even really that bad of a thing. I’m not saying we should seek out feces, I’m saying that we should acknowledge that we are already exposed to it in our environment, even if we are sanitary.

Also, it is disturbing that so many pools were shut down or even found in violation of basic standards. However, I’d like to remind you that many pools were found clean and not shut down. If someone inspected my pool, and found it to be clean, I would be happy, not sad because my neighbor’s pool was found to be dirty. This is the age-old logical fallacy of grouping things together and judging the group based on the actions of a few individuals. Granted, our limited experience and faculty for evaluating ever scenario means that we are going to apply some prejudice, but let it work both ways. A good fraction of the black community may be felons, but a much larger percentage is not. That means, when you meet a black person, your reaction should be, “This man is likely not a felon.”

It is important to think of people as biased and irrational. When someone tells you something, the first instinct should be distrust. You should try to parse from their message what are facts and verify them. Then parse what is reason and verify it. And then throw the rest away, and keep the only conclusions based on facts and evidence.

How I wish that was what we taught in our public schools, but alas, why would the government want that to be taught to its citizens? After all, they might start questioning what the government told them, and that would lead to all sorts of … problems.



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